Anybody who knows Pastor Kumuyi would know that he is a man of the Bible,
For him no meeting is complete if he hasn’t shared from that Bible. But did you know that there was a meeting he organized were he couldn’t open the Bible talk more of preach?
God had come to him before the meeting and instructed him to carry seven seven inches blocks laid one upon the other into the bush and sit on it to pray, And he shouldn’t stand up until they broke.
So for hours, he sat on the blocks praying and groaning.
How long did it take,.. I don’t know, but once the blocks cracked God told him to come down,
His battery was full.
So at the crusade ground, all he had to do was for his feet to touch the floor from the car and that was it. Unclean spirits began to cry out,. Blind eyes began opening, the deaf and crippled…,
It was such an uproar that he had to be carried back immediately to the hotel room again.
Full! and Charged!

“How long does it take for you to charge your iPhone ” the Lord once asked Benny;
“… six hours”
“What of your laptop system”
“… 8 hours”
“Then how long do you think it would take to charge your spirit man??” God asked
How long would it take until you are battery full?

Am aware of the heart brethren, who says “it is just of the heart”, but friends if battery must be full, it’s not just of the heart.
Even Jesus with a very right heart would continue all night in prayers unto God!
Paul would pray until he prayed in tongues more than every other apostle.
To live in this reality, time is required,
Sometimes, the Holy Ghost would ask you to download a 12 hours piano worship and sit with it tongueing for the next 12 hours
Charge sir /ma

Not all night are for sleeping
Not all days are for eating
There are night that you inflict your body in order to pray
There are days you abandon food in order to seek God
There is a time to be SEEN, and a time to HIDE!!
There is a time to leave whatsapp for the sake of your generation
There is a time to forget about Facebook and Instagram, just to settle matters with God.

Your generation will ask you a question in the next 30 years… They will ask you… WHERE WERE YOU WHEN MEN WERE PAYING THE PRICE??
What will be your answer?
You will tell them you were hustling?
There’s a season wherein you disappear from friends just to settle destiny with God.
Many have slept into poverty
Many have slept into sicknesses and diseases. Slept into lukewarmness
After you tame your stomach
Tame your eyes

Not all night are for sleeping
Not all days are for eating
I know you are a fine boy, But sir, What is fine boy without fire??
Have you charted the navigation map of the spirit of death? Can you call forth a man that have been captured by death??
what is the use of a well-painted lips that cannot prophecy?
What is the use of a heavy eyeshadow on the eye that cannot see into the supernatural?
what’s the use of bleaching the skin that cannot scare the devil away?
what’s the use of six packs when your family is in bondage?
What’s the use of fine suit without power,
What’s the use of Italian shoes without anointing?

Why do you think people sleep in the grave for 3, 4, or 7 days.
Why do you think people kill their mother and still feels nothing has happened.
Why you think people offer their children to their fraternity and yet they are not bothered.
Why would a man render his wife barren and he’s still moving comfortably.
We are in the era of power
This is a generation where if you are void of power, your business partner will ruin your business and render you useless.
You can’t live in this era empty
No empty person can survive the dangerousity of this era.

A lot of women have offered their breast just to acquire power
Some women have sacrificed their wombs and accept to remain barren as long as they are in charge.
As a Christian, are you going to be an empty Christian that hides when an occultic person roars at you.
Don’t just be carrying bible around, carry fire join. Kai!
A man that slept in the grave for days can never be an ordinary man again, he possess some level of power
Whether we know it or not, he has dinned with demons and he is coming out deadly.
A PHD holder without fire, can’t survive in this generation
A barrister without fire will soon end as mere story
Don’t think everyone you see on the road is empty
Some are just coming out from their stronghold.

Some just finish drinking blood before they entered the same bus with you.
My brother is your prayer life on fire, do you have a prayer altar that can shut satanic activities even on the road.
Any Christian that is void of God’s glory will soon be a mess
Until you smell God, you are still stinking.
Men are made in the secret.
Until you conquer the weakness of flesh and the sweetness of sleep, you are still a parade of empty entity.
Pray when you feel like praying.
Pray when you don’t feel like praying until you become a power incubator.

Pastor you go to the pulpit and preach and nothing happens and you still go back to your house and still feel comfortable………
Music ministers you are invited to sing and after ministration, nothing happens to the audience…..
You know why, it’s your fault and not Gods fault.
The reason why God told you to tarry is for you to carry. Jesus tarried for 40 days and 40 nights before entering into ministry.. That is not even the end of His night tarry and also fasting. He continued…
John the Baptist fasted all the days of His life. From child hood to adulthood. He dwelled in the wilderness…… That is why Jesus said that Their is no man born of a woman that is greater than John.. Haba, men hungry for evidence….

Paul fasted all through His ministry, He said in His letters to the Corinthians, I die daily….. And when I reached that side of the bible, I started been ashamed of my self..
Pastors you can’t see power until you are dead to the flesh… You have to die first before you see glory…… ……..
My generation no longer wants scholars again in the pulpit. Sir the pulpit is not meant for scholars, you can go to the university for that……
The pulpit is where realms joins together to bring out a result.

The pulpit is where realms agree to deliver people from powers of darkness…..
The same process of power………
All the prophets in the bible where fasting machines. That is why they left their generation with a remarkable impact…..
The process of power. That is why the apostles tarried in the upper room for about 3-6 months to get rhema and it was recorded that THESE ARE THE MEN THAT TURNED THEIR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN………
Lord what am I doing, If your pastor tells you that it’s only Holiness that power comes from , know that your pastor don’t really want you to manifest…
Jesus was holy yet He still paid the price. Someone must Carry the LAST MANTLE OF THIS GENERATION

If I perish I perish
If you are willing let us pray

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