Woman of God

One of my hobbies is travelling, I mean I travel a lot. So while on one of my trips, I was travelling in a bus and I was sitting by the window and admiring the beauty of creation. Two young ladies selling oranges came to me and were advertising their oranges.

The only thing on my mind at this point was orange juice. Both ladies were already quarreling with each other over who I would buy from. Both were screaming “Na my own sweet pass” to me. Taking both of them for their word, I did not want to let any of them down by not buying from them. So, I decided to buy 5 oranges each from both of them.

The next day I squeezed some of the oranges to make my natural tasty orange juice. When I was done squeezing them, I tasted it and found out it was not sweet. Thank God i kept aside one orange from each.. So I tasted them individually and found out that the one from the first lady was actually the good one and the second lady’s oranges were so sour.

Mixing both together ruined the taste of my orange juice.
Beloved let’s relate this…
That’s exactly what happens when we take other people recommendation about a person rather than getting to know the person on a personal basis.
Now, it’s not bad trying to find out about the person, his/her nature to be sure that he or she is not scamming you.

But in all learn to talk to God first about the person before going to meet people .
Beyond the sweet mouth and flashy presentation, Beyond the things people say about him, beyond the butterflies and raging feelings to avoid entering a very sour or bitter relationship hand him\her over to God first.

Remember God is too kind to give his son\daughter to a stranger
God knows the heart of all, and gives the best to him who gives him his all.

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