There’s always a time in a woman’s life where her cravings for sex, sugary things, meats and other funny things are high expecially during ovulation. This is when she is most vulnerable.
At this point your hormones keep raging, conniving with themselves and with one another to oppress her or to push her to involve in some acts that ordinarily she wouldn’t want to involve in on the norm
At this point, the voice of her body speaks volume so that the voice of the spirit man is overshadowed. She may be tempted to meet a guy to help her out.(Yes, i have seen it happened before during my secondary school days).

Today I appeal to you not to listen to the voice of your body. I know it’s not easy ,I understand your plight but you can . Don’t believe a lie.
If you have been wallowing in this, Today,I employ you to rise up. Take a U-turn
This thing has made many teenagers and young youths to carry unwanted pregnancy and then their destinies truncated
Hitherto, It is unfortunate that many woman don’t know this chemistry of the woman and when they come for prayers thinking that it is demonic,the first thing i ask is..ARE YOU OVULATING??,HOW OFTEN DO THIS OCCUR AND AT WHAT POINT IN TIME.?

This questions will actually help me in the diagnosis. Surprisingly,the response will always be, Sir, I’m ovulating or it’s few days to my ovulation
Hitherto,it is expedient that the woman should know about this point in time in her life,pay careful attention to it,and then build a formidable wall around herself because there are many sexual serpent who are willing to take advantage of her at this point.

When you have a man at this point who is willing to preserve you,my sister you are favored and I pray for such a man like this for you
So not all sexual drive are demonically

Lastly,I appeal to all the brothers to be Spiritual. Help her to grow beyond this point when it happens. When you notice this signs communicated to you through her body language,don’t see it as an opportunity to take advantage of her or to shine congo.
This is what makes you a correct man indeed
Help her to preserve her consecration. She will always be grateful to you and be proud of you. Don’t be a guy who is always rushing after her underwears. Please preserve her.

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