Light is what we use to war in this kingdom. The more light you have, the more progress you make with any activity. You need light to worship at another depth. The depth of your worship is powered by the depth of light, that is REVELATION & TRUTH
Love has many characteristics, Love has many signs. There are many things that you can look at and predict or say that a person loves a person.

When you look at things in this world, you are able to understand spiritual things. If you are really able to observe physical things you can understand Spiritual things
Many of us know what it means to be in LOVE.
Listen, there are two things love will do to you;LOVE WILL TAKE YOUR TIME.
People around you must think you are foolish, because you’ll be spending much time with the person you love more than anything. One of the things you will notice about time within that period is that TIME WILL START FLYING.

You will not even care about what anybody else did,or eat. What you only care now, is what the person you love ate, and what the person ate after that, and what the person ate after that again. I have a simple question to ask. DO YOU FULFILL DESTINY THAT WAY?
Love brings up discussion. You don’t even need to rehearse what you want to say to that person. Do you know that the Holy spirit wants to hear every single little details of your life, he is not only interested in hearing the serious part, especially when you need help.

You can talk about anything to the person you love, because everything is important to him. Even the nonsense you won’t take from your siblings you can take from the person you love. Gist you don’t hear from people, you can sit down and concentrate to the gist of your lover.

As you give time you must give attention. This the problem with believers, we can stay,we can give time to God, we can go for conferences but we don’t give attention. That’s why we are not breaking through in consciousness. Listen, every time before God counts,as you give him attention.
God showed us his love,by giving us Jesus. The blood of Jesus counts.
Learn to love Jesus and give him your attention.
Bless his heart
Wipe the tears in his face
Make Jesus smile,if he is your love
Make him proud.
Hope this Blesses you.

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