Pastor E. A. Adeboye

At times, people may slow down because they get to a stage where they began to count on their own strength. “You don’t know our family, we are special. When it comes to evangelism, there’s nobody like us. Church Gist. When it comes to planting Churches all over the world, we are there. Go and ask the G. O we are the ones taking care of him, etc.” Church Gist. At times, we begin to rely on our own strength and the arm of flesh will fail you. You can’t succeed in the race to Heaven if you rely on your own strength.

You know the story of Peter, Matthew 26:31-35, Peter meant every word. If I ask some of you here today, “Can you ever deny Jesus?” you will say, ‘God forbid.’ Just like Peter said, ‘I will rather die.’ And if you look at the issue of Peter, you will know this boy has been running where … People blame him: “Peter was walking on water and then he began to sink.” Church Gist. How many other people jumped out of the boat? At least he took some steps before he began to sink. How many people were able to say, “I know who you are; you are the son of the living God.” Jesus had to say, “flesh and blood have not revealed this to you.”

We knew Peter. Church Gist. When they came to arrest the Lord Jesus Christ, he got a sword; he was ready to fight. At least he cut off the ear of one of those people who came. Until the Lord said, “It is not by power nor by might. It requires the spirit of the living God.” When trouble came, he said I am sorry I don’t know him. But God can restore. If you read John 21, God went and met him. Church Gist. The same Peter who forsook all and followed Jesus after the first encounter said, “I go back fishing.” But the Lord went and met him there and brought him back. And the one who was afraid once, the Bible said in Acts 4:5-13, he wasn’t afraid anymore.
And then he moved on from there to the level where his shadow began to heal the sick. Church Gist. My Daddy told me, “Whatever you say from the altar is not a joke. Say it, I will back it up.”

There is somebody here listening to me, one day, anybody who touches you by accident will receive a miracle!
What is it that makes all the difference in the life of Peter who went as low as zero? His speed became almost minus; and then he became a man who was soaring. Not just moving fast now, he was soaring on wings of an Eagle to the end of his life. Church Gist. One important thing: the Holy Spirit; because when the Holy Spirit fell in Acts 2:1-4, Peter was there. He received his own bit and from that moment onward, he never slowed down.

Source: Church gist

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