Kenneth E. Hagin
Kenneth E. Hagin

I have not prayed one prayer in 45 years (I’m talking about for me and for my children while they were young) without getting an answer. I always got an answer—and the answer was always yes.
Some people say, “God always answers prayers. Sometimes He says, ‘Yes,’ and sometimes He says, ‘No’.”
I never read that in the Bible. That is just human reasoning.
Jesus did not say, “Hitherto ye have asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive; however, sometimes He will say, ‘No,’ and sometimes He will say, ‘Yes,’ and sometimes He will say, ‘Wait a while.’ “

We have added such as that to the Bible trying to give people an answer as to why prayer hasn’t worked for them. Yet the reason it has not worked for them is, they did not work the Word. If it did not work for me, it would be because I was not in line with the Word.
A person can be a good Christian, sanctified, separated, and holy, and still not get the job done when it comes to answered prayer. We believe in people living right, but you cannot come bragging on yourself when you come to pray. You cannot come to the throne of grace, telling God what all you’ve done, bragging about that, and get an answer.

No! We come bringing the Name of Jesus! And God’s Word works today, just as much as it ever did.
“Ask the Father in My Name,” Jesus said. “I will endorse that, and the Father will give it to you.”

Kenyon says:
This puts prayer on a purely legal basis for He has given us the legal right to use His
Name. As we take our privileges, and rights, in the New Covenant and pray in Jesus’ Name, it passes out of our hands into the hands of Jesus; He then assumes the responsibility of that prayer, and we know that He said. “Father, I thank Thee that Thou hearest Me, and I know that Thou hearest Me always.”

In other words, we know that the Father always hears Jesus, and when we pray in Jesus’ Name, it is as though Jesus Himself were doing the praying— He takes our place.
This places prayer not only on legal grounds, but makes it a business proposition.
When we pray, we take Jesus’ place here to carry out His will, and He takes our place before the Father.
( The name Jesus Is Powerful)

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