Apostle Joshua Selman

As important as that is, More than fasting, More than prayer, more than organization, more than sincere heart, the principal determinant is the sincerity and the purity of your motive.
John 17:1
There is a question you must answer in the realm of the spirit to command the hand of God, the question is WHY (Lord I need an impartation of Grace, it is available but why).
Lord I need to have the kind of visibility that will cause the nation of the earth to see that is available (WHY).
This question WHY sees to probe the motive, there so many believers who have the stamina to stretch through the spiritual activities but they find out that regardless the fact that they are engaging in correct spiritual activities, walking in keeping with the principle that scriptures said they should deliver certain result, they still do not find the certain result
There is a weakness in men, the tendency to want to be praised, the tendency to outshine, the tendency to make a name.
Men historically have been obsessed with power, obsessed with control, obsessed with a sure of superiority and some of us come from backgrounds especially sadly speaking and respectively so as a continent.
I want to become a senator WHY so that people will know the politician who said I cannot become it, that’s too small a reason.
Let Me tell You this “Until kingdom come” is found in your desire God is not interested.

Some of the people who have been greatly used by God across the nations, they never had a desire for fame, they never had a desire for ministry.
When I started ministry I never knew, I wouldn’t have believed that man could preach and they will count maybe money or a gift and say thank you, it was strange for me, that you will preach and someone will bring a basket of fruit and say thank you,If in the cause of doing that He chooses by His greatness and His Majesty to grant me an opportunity to experience what it means to be blessed to be lifted to be honoured, I receive with Thanksgiving, then my eyes remains focus, I tell you sincerely, I stand before God and am sorry if I sound arrogant, it has never be my desire for fame, NO, NEVER.

The thing about lust is that it can hide for a long time, don’t be mistaken that just because it has not manifested yet it doesn’t mean it is not there, Hiding for when an opportunity is provided.
There are people today that from the day they heal the sick, they don’t listen to anybody again even in Church, from the day they lead a prayer the pastor cannot talk to them again.
How are you sir? What do you mean by that. The same Lord is rich unto all they say..

The Lord told me something many years ago, He said son if you will let men see me there is nothing I will not give you.
We live in time when we desire the celebrity lifestyle, to be the Centre of attraction…
Whatever motivate you to seek God is what will sustain you while you seek Him, if your motivation is fame the day you get the impetus to remain a student in the school of the spirit will no longer be there because the motivation was not HIM, the motivation was IT. Cars fame, houses this thing are not wrong in themselves.
Can you look pass those things, Push them as Jacob push his wife push his cattle and when he was alone then a man came, the conditions to meet Him is that nothing else must stand in his way.

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