Wait! How comes your group of friends happen to be the same people who drag you into doing the wrong things? Don’t you know your circle defines your value and worth?
You cannot move with everybody and want to become a man or woman of value. Fam, it doesn’t work like that. Imagine an eagle moving with fowls
You cannot have a circle of unproductive people and be productive!

See what Psalms 1:1 says “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers” so what happens to the man that sits in the company of mockers and walks in the counsel of the ungodly?

What happens to the man that has a circle of ungodly people, clique of unproductive people, gang of slay queens and a team of drunkards? What happens to this man, is he or she safe at all? I don’t think so!
Your value and worth is defined by who you sit with, who you move with and the CIRCLE you find yourself in. It is not enough to say you are godly and you have a clique of ungodly people.

It is not enough to say you are purpose driven but everyone in your circle knows nothing about purpose. YOUR CIRCLE MATTERS!
If bad communication can corrupt good manners what do you think good communication will do?
Some of us lost our fire because of the friends we keep, some stopped attending church services because of association, some got into addiction and cultism because of their circle.

How comes when you guys meet all you discuss about is sex, girls, that brother in ushering department, sister Stella in the choir.
So you cannot talk about God’s word, you cannot talk about your future and purpose?
Why will your mind not be filled with lustful desires when all your friends discuss about is sex and romance?

Why will you not be jealous of others when you always criticise those doing better, instead of wasting your time and energy gossiping, why not study God’s word, why not talk about purpose, why not spend your time praying and fellowshipping?
See, your circle will either make or mar you, can you boldly say you have a friend that can help you when you are confused about something, do you have a friend that can advice you rightly on how to go about serious issues of life or all you have is friends that can take you shopping and help you spend your money?

When you are down spiritually, can they organize a prayer retreat for you? What about helping succeed in your sphere of life? Can they encourage you in ministry? Can they help you fulfill purpose?
We need to be intentional about our circle if we really want to succeed in life, if we want to achieve our goals, if we want to become great and if we want to make impact in your generation.

It is not how long you have been in a circle but how much you have BENEFITED from the your circle or clique.
If your circle can not make you a better person, you need to pack your bags and leave, if your circle adds no value to you, then you need to leave. JAPA!

If you want to be valuable to your generation then you need to move with men and women of value, if you want to make the right decisions then you need to be in the right circle.
You don’t have to be friends with everybody, you don’t have to be in every clique or circle. Find the right circle and make efforts to grow together

©With Love, The Journey of A Christian Lady

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