In those days, when I was still a hip hop artiste, I used to have a friend who also sings like I did. His mother was a prophetesses, whom many people flooded to for spiritual help.
Several times he would make boast of his mother and how that he was sure that he can never fail as long as she is alive.
Undoubtedly, the mother was a prayerful woman who would want all her children to prosper in life. There must have been times when she’d call him for some “prophetic prayers and sacrifices”, as the case may be.
This guy was a drunkard who had nothing doing except that he drank, smoked and sang. He was yet sure that he would make it, knowing surely that his mother always interceded for him.

The back bone for his atrocities was the assurance of his mother’s perpetual prayers.
I once thought to myself, “what if his mother dies?”
Unfortunately, it didn’t take too long before the mum died in a very brutal accident…

Do you know that the only reason some of us are still alive is because we have praying parents?
The only reason why it seems like you enjoy God’s mercy despite your misbehavior may be because your mother or father is always on their knees to intercede for you.
Many of us don’t have any life of our own. The moment the devil gets your parents, boom! He has succeded in getting you.

You are still yet to understand that Iife is a battle ground and you’ll have to fight and win many before you can make a head in life.
What if? Just what if?
What if your intercessors die? What if they are no more?
Do you have a stand of your own?
“Fast”, you’ll say you’re afraid of ulcer.
“Pray”, you said you’re not the prayer type.

You’re always very sure that “what will be will be”…
If only you know that the little things that have been working for you are only the effect of your mother’s prayers.
When will you grow up and own up to your own life?
While you are suppose to be a defense system to your parents and other people around you, you have successfully become their major prayer points and you see nothing wrong with it.

A time must come when you’ll say that you’ve had enough of the devil’s molestation.
Who will wipe away the siege of poverty that has bewitched your entire family?
Rise up and mount up to your responsibilities.
With God, you can…

©Steven Olayiwola….

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