I went to a mountain for a personal retreat, and there I saw a Mad woman that was subjected to a 7 days dry fast by some pastors just to cast out the spirit of madness… mean while those pastors were not on 7 days dry Fast.
When I saw this I got ANGRY….and also became HUNGRY at the same time.
Lord, where is POWER!!!

A sister was in Abuja a native doctor who understood the spirit realm fired an arrow from the village and it affected her in Abuja, she became very sick to the extent that she had to be taken back to the village.
But funny enough, five pastors left Abuja and went to the village and held one month vigils for her.
Oh Lord, where is POWER!!!

Jeremiah 8:22 Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?
Why should people attend our meetings and remain the same?
When people attend our church service sick in their body… there’s no level of Rhema you release that will touch their heart.
Before telling them about Jesus… Heal them.

Jesus commanded us to heal the sick…
We are in a Generation of Rhema… You can’t teach a Cripple man 7 steps to Success.
Which leg will he use to make the steps, what he need is a miracle.
Until we see the need for Power, we won’t pay the prize to get it.

The 1st century Church looked more powerful than the 21st century Church because they had less ACTIVITIES and created time for spiritual CONNECTIVITY.
We look powerless because we’ve occupied ourselves with many social activities in Church… Gala night, Suya night etc

It takes Evidence to silence Arguments, we are called “WITNESSES” a witness is one who can produce evidence to prove that Jesus died and resurrected.
Evangelism without Power will produce no or less Result.
You did not send your disciples without Power… Lord don’t send me without POWER.
Why not pray and say: “Lord, I need POWER…”

©Uche De Beloved.

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