DAY 2 Evening Session
DAY 2 Evening Session

Good evening everybody!
It’s my joy to be here first and foremost, I want to thank God almighty for this opportunity and also I want to thank our father in the Lord and our mother in the Lord, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, thank you so much for this opportunity, I also want to thank the leadership of the youth ministry and the organizers of this youth conference, thank you for this opportunity in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We are going to pray for 5 minutes before I teach. I want us to spend some time praying in the Spirit, I know this is a conference prepared by God and I know He wants to use it to maximally equip and empower us even to shine forth. Church Gist. For the next ten minutes we are going to pray, to do that we will shout the name of Jesus three times, because that is the Name that saves, empower and lift a man.
Let me stand upon the grace that is upon our father in the Lord and upon that name let me prophesy to somebody that in the name that is above all names, after this conference, the Lord will release you like a trophy to your world in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

For someone else they have said about you like they said about Jesus, can anything good come out of Nazareth, I call upon the God who is a lifter of men, may He lift you and make you a wonder to your world, in the name of Jesus Christ.

For someone here, maybe you have experienced a level of lifting and advancement, but we measure a thousand cubits for you and we push you deeper into the realm of impact in the name of Jesus Christ, for in Jesus mighty name we pray.
Please for the next few minutes please lend me your destiny and dedicated attention because I believe what you are about to hear will define the next seasons of your life and destiny.
God bless you!
1st Peter 2:9. Matthew 5:13-16. The disciples were present when Jesus was having this teaching and He was teaching then on what we call “The Beatitudes”. ChurchGist. May the Lord help us tonight in Jesus name. Isaiah 60:1. Two profound instructions, instruction 1; Arise! Instruction 2; Shine! That means it is impossible to shine except and unless you arise.
It gives you the instructions then it now tells you the basis for the possibility of honouring that instructions. I will always like to quote this scripture from the amplified, it says; Arise from the depression and the frustration that circumstances have kept you.
For your light is brilliant and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. The world Arise is a word that is connected to responsibility, it immediately tells you that there is a part you have to play in standing up on your feet, when you meet someone who is seated on the floor and you tell the person arise, even if you help the man to rise up, there has to be a participation of that individual if he intends to leave the floor and to stand up on his feet. ChurchGist You need to understand that in this Kingdom the reality and the possibilities of the result that we command in this Kingdom is not entirely up to God and not entirely up to you. God designs this Kingdom in a way and a manner that it will always take God almighty in partnership with a willing and obedient man, for anything to happen in my life and in your life. It is important that we take note of this.
Any Christianity that makes the outcome of your life absolutely dependent on God with no participation and contribution on your own part is not a responsible faith practice. So, whatever will happen in my life and your life, will depend on God, the sovereign and ultimate factor but it will also depend on a willing and obedient heart. ChurchGist. The Bible says if ye be willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land. Not if ye be around when the Words are spoken, if you’re willing to participate with God and if you’re obedient to walk in keeping with the demands that the instructions place on you, it leaves you with an assurance that you will eat the good of the land.
Many people have not come into a proper understanding of how the Kingdom was designed and how it operates, so you will find out that there are many well intentioned believers who are never able to live an impactful life, who are never able to do much for God and the simple reason is because they do not understand that there is a role that they have to play in actualizing destiny and in manifesting prophecy. ChurchGist. If it must happen in your life and in my life, whether it be impact of a glorious life or colourful destiny, it will always be a partnership with the God of Heaven and a willing and obedient heart.
Another thing for you to note is that excelling in this Kingdom at any level is Knowledge dependent. Any kind of excellence and results in this Kingdom is knowledge dependent. This is a kingdom where your degree and the extent of your exploit does not just depend on the might of God alone, it does not just depend on the Love of God for you alone, it does not just depend on the Wisdom of God alone, it depends on your having the requisite level of Knowledge and understanding. ChurchGist. Hosea 4:6. My people are destroyed not because of the extent of the strength of the devil, not because of the extent of the limitations in their lives as far as their background is concerned, they are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Ephesians 4:18. We are celebrating the mighty things that God Himself had done continually in RCCG and in the life of our father today, because there is the Almighty God but then there is a willing and obedient heart, that is what is responsible for the results we know enjoy and then excelling results in this Kingdom is a product of knowledge. Ephesians 4:18. In as much that it is true that through the death, the burial and the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, on account of what we know as the finished works of Christ, there are possibilities that the Bible calls blessings in the Heavens, that has been made for us, but walking in the reality and the experience of this riches that includes the potential and the prophetic destiny of impact.
It is impossible to walk in that reality until you have knowledge. The purpose of this conference among many other things that God has put together, great vessels to speak to you, the purpose is to bring you to a level of spiritual enlightenment, so that you will have the requisite level of knowledge that it takes to activate this prophecy to show forth. ChurchGist. I submit to you sincerely, If you’re bankrupt of knowledge, this will only be a cliche and it will only excite you emotionally but sadly you will never be able to walk in the experience of it. Because this Kingdom is Knowledge dependent.
Talking about knowledge, let me state here that every dimension of result in this Kingdom has a requisite level of knowledge that you must rise to; to activate that operation in your life. Just having random knowledge, casual knowledge or low level knowledge is not sufficient enough to bring you the result you desire.

This kingdom demands high level spiritual illumination. I want you for instance, just look around anywhere you see light in this beautiful place, look at this light and look at the light all over, do you know that the reason we are able to see ourselves and the reason I am able to preach comfortably is because the light that is here is high enough to drive every darkness, is that true? Church Gist. If all the lights in this camp ground were suddenly put off, I hope you know that the phone that you have has a little torchlight also, but the light there is not enough to swallow uo the darkness but it is still light, so if you put on your torchlight and all the light here went off, listen carefully, it’ll be light enough for us to identify you’re there but not enough to know who is there and the details of the information. Church Gist. There are many of you, the light that you have is just for us to know you’re in the world but not enough for us to know what God has put inside you because the light is too small to make any reasonable impact, but someone’s story is changing in the name of Jesus.
Isn’t it interesting that whether you’re watching from Lagos, America, Nigeria or Europe, the moment it is day, when everybody looks up, we all see the sun, is that true? We see the sun not just because of the fact that it is high up there, the size of the sun compels everyone on earth, 7.2 billion and counting, when you look up, you see the sun. Church Gist. It’s impossible to confuse the sun for an aircraft, it’s impossible to confuse the sun for maybe a spaceship, when you see the sun, it is bright and large and unique enough.

from today, I prophesy unto you, the same way everyone can see the sun, that is the same way they’ll see the hand of God upon your life.
Hear me, I submit to you that it is not where you are that is a disadvantage, it’s that the light is not bright enough. Church Gist.When your light is bright enough, it can compel men from everywhere to come and see the goodness and the mercy of God in your life.
I have told you that knowledge is very important and that your knowledge must be at a high level. Church Gist. The higher your knowledge, the higher your impact, the higher the level of light that you have in your life and destiny, the more unquestionable your result and your impact is concerned. The people who are manning your video cameras here, they’re not manning it based on ignorance. Church Gist. You may be anointed, but if you stand behind these camera and you do not have sufficient knowledge, you’re only going to be wasting your time around it. The Bible said, “the labour of the fool wearieth everyone of them…”, the fool there does not mean an insult, it’s a description. The absence of light can turn an individual to look like a fool.
Do you know, the Bible tells us that from age 12, Jesus was found in the temple, even though he was the word, “incarnate”, even though he was the Word of God, he still found Himself in the temple learning and building capacity. Church Gist. By the time we get to Mathew 4, the Bible says, “after His baptism, He was driven of the Spirit into the wilderness”. When satan came to tempt Him after praying and fasting for 40 days, Jesus looked at satan and He did not say, “I think, Maybe or I’m not really sure”, He said, “it is written” – a product of knowledge. Church Gist. When He met with the scribes and Pharisees, He began to teach them, “is it not said in your law, this and that and that, but this is what I say”, knowledge is powerful.
There are 3 areas of knowledge that you must have in order to rise and shine forth. Never forget these areas for the rest of your life. I call them 3 levels of knowledge. There are 3 levels of knowledge that every man on earth who desires to make impact for Jesus, every man on earth who desires to be used mightily by God, to do much for the Kingdom. Church Gist. Let me tell you that it is God’s desire for everyone of us seated here and those following online and by way of television, everyone has a destiny in Christ and if you know what God has in store for you, you will not spare to give your all and your best to live a meaningful and impactful life. say Amen.
So, there are 3 levels of knowledge that you must have, I will give it to you quickly and then we pray.

You must know God.
The knowledge of God. No matter what else you know, if you don’t know the God of the Bible, forget about impact by God’s definition. Church Gist. If it is true that impact and shining or showing forth is dependent on knowledge, then I tell you that the first kind and the first level of knowledge that you need is the knowledge of God. Daniel 11:32b. Do you notice that that scripture never said “but the people that do know God”. Church Gist. The people that do know their God, two things will come into their lives and it will be expressed in their lives. One is strength, capacity, stamina, to survive all of the vicissitudes of life. Number two, it leaves you with an assurance that they shall do exploits.
John 17:3. When you know God, you’ll be able to stand and face the challenges of life with confidence and dignity. Most believers want to explore destiny and the faith life, and they do not pay attention to knowing God, cultivating an experiential and a functional relationship with the God of the Bible. Church Gist. This is more than just being born again, this is a deeper experience. Being born again is the first and most important but not the only, there’s a deeper level. Galatians 4:19. There’s a stamina and the confidence that happens to you when you know God. Church Gist. When David stood before Goliath, it was not just the strength of his sling that gave him confidence. 1 Samuel 17:45. Do you know God? Can you say, “I know Him”?
Ephesians 1:15-19. When you know God, then you know His power, love, integrity, and His consistency. There are things you can never believe until you know God. Now, watch this, if few of you here, I presume, by the privilege of God’s grace know me here and if someone suddenly comes up here and tells you, “I am Joshua Selman”, because, you know me, you’ll look at the person and say “no no, this is not the person we know”. Church Gist. When you know God, you know what He can do and what He cannot do.
The basis of our confidence in this Kingdom is not in anything physical. Your life is already at a risk if your confidence is based on money, if your confidence is just on your qualification, as important as these things are, the believer’s confidence, he says, “I know whom I have believed and I am persuaded”. Church Gist. It is based on the knowledge of God that you can dare the devil, you can dare destiny. I may come from a background where nobody has known about me, you may not know me, but the God that I know will force you to know me. The God of Heaven. When you know God, then you’ll know that God is love, when you know God, then you’ll know that God is all powerful. Church Gist. He says, “once have I spoken and twice have you heard that all power belongs to the Lord”. So, when God sends you to go to a place where there’s no physical connection, you’ll not be afraid because you know the one who backs you. It says, “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, why, for thou art with me”. Church Gist. They looked unto Him, and their faces were lightened.
I know there are people here who come from all kinds of backgrounds, there are some of you, if you depend on your physical background, respectfully speaking, there may not be any leverage there, as far as an enviable destiny is concerned, let me bring you a word of hope.

The one who can pick an ordinary person, no background, doesn’t matter. Nathaniel said, “can anything good come out of Nazareth? Church Gist. Look, this God I am telling you, He can pick you from wherever, does not matter what kind of family you came from, I’m speaking to you, if you’ll invest in the knowledge of God, then you have made an investment towards a destiny of impact, a light that indeed will shine forth.
Listen to me, we live in a world today where people boast of all the things they have and for someone here, you may not have the privilege to boast of a very exceptional or wealthy family, you may not even have the privilege of boasting in terms of exceptional education or all of these things but when you come to this God, you see, among the many things that He gives you is His life. Church Gist. Do you know what it means to receive the life of God?
This life that I have is the life of God in me
The first level of knowledge, if you want to live an incredible life, let me tell you the truth, when you give your life to Jesus, you cease being an ordinary person. Church Gist. This is not a preacher’s suggestion, it is the integrity of God’s word. John 3:16. Knowing God has an implication of having, “such as I have”, He said.

You must know yourself. Knowing God is powerful as far as your fellowship, rising, communion and your spiritual orientation is concerned, but in addition to knowing God, you must know yourself. Psalm 49:20. Write this scripture down and never forget it for the rest of your life. Church Gist. You must know yourself. It’s important to know God because in the revelation of God is the revelation of yourself. You may know yourself in terms of your background, tribe and earthly family but it is important that you understand your spiritual identity and I want to show you from the word of God two things that the Bible says about you. Number 1, John 1:6-7. Church Gist. The Bible didn’t say “there was a man who came from his mother or his father”, the Bible did not say “there was a man who came from God”, you did not come, you were sent. That means, God is not scratching His head wondering what you’ll do with your life, there was a space allocated for you – “sent from God”. When you arrived the earth, they gave you all kinds of names, but let me tell you the truth, you must understand that you came from God and the Bible says, “He that cometh from Above is above all”. Church Gist. Listen, this is a mentality that changed my life, that means, there’s an advantage I have beyond my background, there’s an advantage I have beyond the geographic reference you may associate me with. We live in a world today where one of the biggest problems of young people is identity crisis – the inability to have a scripture-based understanding of who you are. Unfortunately, we live in a world today that prides in suggesting all kinds of things. If you do not know who you are, the world has a plethora of templates that they’ll make you pick anyone from. There are people who have become weak because the world told them they were weak. Church Gist. There are people who have become mediocre because the world told them that. Remember when the 12 spies returned back, some of them brought an evil report and they said, “we were in our own eyes, like grasshoppers” it never said, “we were in the eyes of satan or God like grasshoppers”, based on our own perception, “this is our conclusion that we were like grasshoppers”. And Caleb said, “let us go up at once for we are able”. That’s why I raised that song, it’s not just a song that you should sing casually, it’s a revelation. You must know who you are.
The world that we live in will bully you. Many of us go to higher institutions of learning and we’ll see all these people carry different forms of living and they can bully and intimidate you. Church Gist. Many times, they make you feel stupid for being responsible. Many times, they make you feel out of place for being Godly and on fire, they try to downplay your fire for God, your spirituality and they make it look like you have to choose whether to be spiritual or technological. Many of you looking at me now have given up your spirituality because you want to give a context that you’re more than or contemporary. No sir, I remind you;
This life that you have is the life of God in you
When you’re full of the light of God, it produces a healthy confidence, not pride but you know who you are. Church Gist. Our generation is bankrupt of conviction, we can become anything depending on who is talking, no. There are many of you, God is raising you to be the next Apostles and Prophets and Evangelists but right now you’re about to give up that noble call because of some ill-informed, respectfully speaking, arrogant people who are in ignorance, who want to downplay your fire and passion for God. Church Gist. Some of you will be the next politicians and heads of government and while you’re walking in the path of discipline and responsibility that leads to this kind of enviable destiny, there are ignorant people who cannot do much in your life but will downplay your passion and commitment. I remind you;
This life that you have is the life of God in you
Listen, the next time anybody wants to bully you out of your conviction, out of your identity, you don’t need to fight, don’t waste your time trying to defend yourself, the Bible says, “having done all to stand”, stand. You don’t have to fight and quarrel and insult people, no no, if someone looks at you as if you’re stupid, no problem, did they not think Joseph was a fool but later on when he became prime minister. Church Gist. There are some of you, those who are laughing at you now, one day, they’ll open the door of an office to seek help and guess who will be seated there? Church Gist. And the same tongues you were praying while they laughed, you’ll still be praying it in the office, the same Bible they laughed at you for holding will still be on your desk there while you’re CEO.
I won’t go back, can’t go back to the way it used to be before your presence came and changed me
Please hear me, by this admonition, God is already speaking to someone, you have already come too far, the world is making you look like you’re wrong, receive the grace to continue. Church Gist. Many may be making you look like a fool for being a prayerful person – receive the grace to continue. Many may be making you look like a fool for being a disciplined young man or woman – receive the grace to continue. Church Gist. Many may be making you look like a fool for loving the Word of God and being a student of Scripture – receive the grace to continue. Many may be making you look like a fool for turning down supposedly nice opportunities to honour your conviction – I assure you, at the end of it, God will compensate you. Hear me, there are some of you right now, you’re about to lose your identity simply because of friends, “Apostle, I am tired of being alone”, can I tell you there’s a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Church Gist. It is better to walk alone and be in the right direction than to walk with a crowd heading nowhere. It is better to walk alone and be headed in the direction of destiny than to walk with a crowd that is bankrupt of vision and going nowhere.

You must know your place in God’s program and destiny. There are many people who know God to an extent, there are even few who have had a healthy understanding of who they are but many have not found their place in destiny. Church Gist. Luke 4:16-18. Let me tell you the truth, it is risky to sojourn this earth in confusion as to your place in life and destiny and in God’s program. We’re celebrating our father in the Lord today and our mother, we’re celebrating the mighty things that God has done and continued to do across the globe through the RCCG simply because a man found his place. Church Gist. It is powerful when you find your place because when you find your place in God’s program, you have found security, the basis of your confidence. It is dangerous to assume your place, you must find it.
Let me announce to you by the authority of scripture that there’s an allocation for everyone in God’s Prophetic program. There’s no one upon the earth who does not have a place in God’s Prophetic program but you see, your place cannot be left vacant forever, if you refuse to occupy your place, God is able to give your Bishopric to another person. Church Gist. That is why someone can begin a ministry as an Evangelist and later end up carrying other responsibilities, given to him through faithfulness because of someone else’s assignment that he refused to do. It’s in your Bible, it says, “his bishopric, let another take” may no one replace you in destiny. Hallelujah Do you know why finding your place in destiny is very important? Because destiny is like a relay. How many of you have seen those in track and field running? Church Gist. When there are 4 people running a relay, when one person starts, all the other 3 are at the mercy of that one person, is that true? They’re ready, they’re willing, you’ll even see some of them jogging but if the person to come is slow and is wasting their time, he can delay the destiny of all the rest. How many people’s destiny have been delayed now because you have not found your place? Church Gist. Imagine if Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Abraham, Esther, and Paul (who wrote 2/3 of the new testament) did not find their place.

Hebrews 10:7. When I found out that by the privilege of God’s grace that I have a place in God’s program and that I have a place in the revival that is happening, I have a place in stirring my generation to love and know God, when I found that place, I was happy and this is what I do all my life and this is why I live and if it pleases Him, this is why I will transit to see His face.
You’re seated here today and you’re getting blessed. Your being blessed is a result of someone finding his place in life and destiny. Church Gist. You must find your place. You want to show forth? There’s an allocation for you. There are some of you, a few years from now, you’re the ones who will be standing here and you’re going to be preaching to others and you’ll tell them, “many years ago, I was seated there”. There are some of you, you will travel from nation to nation, carrying the gospel and the power of God with signs and wonders, birthing revivals across territories. Church Gist. There are some of you, you’re the ones who will become the billionaires who will be supplying resources for the kingdom activities. There are some of you, you are the political leaders that will be enacting policies that make the territory safe for the gospel and safe for advancement and development. There are some of you, you’re the educators who will be training the next level of leaders. By all means, find your place. It is a risk to not find your place. Listen carefully, roaming around and wasting your time in unreasonable activities, relationships and distractions is only eating up your destiny. Church Gist. I hope you know the unit of destiny is time? Whatever you give your time to, you’re giving a part of your life to. Hallelujah!
Hear me, as we celebrate the revival that is hitting this nation, the continent of Africa, our fathers have prophesied this revival that before Jesus returns, there will be a massive awakening, an awakening that we have never seen before and we’re already seeing this move of the spirit across the nations of Africa and believe me, from Africa, we are exporting this revival, exporting it to the nations of the earth, revealing Jesus in a dimension that has not been seen and experienced before. Church Gist. Please hear me, before Jesus returns, the army that God is going to be using will be separated into 3 categories.

  1. Prophetic intercessors.
    They are men and women who like Anna the Prophetess, they’re people who will master the ministry of Priesthood and mysteries of the altar. There cannot be revival and genuine move of God until there are people who give themselves continually to prayer. Church Gist. Prayer for nations and territories. Prophetic intercessors. And I know that some of you here, that grace and that mantle has been looking for you. Prophetic intercessors – watchmen that are placed upon the world that will give Him no rest until He establishes Jerusalem to be a praise. People who will pray down fire upon nations and generations
  2. The sent ones.
    These are the ones who will be sent everywhere across what you know to be the seven mountains, pastors, business people, politicians, educators, family and career people. Church Gist. They may be serving across the territory but they’re people of conviction who love the Lord
  3. The Kingdom financiers
    They’re the ones anointed by God with grace in the marketplace to make sure that the program of God is not delayed because of financial limitations. Church Gist. These are people who will be trusted with wealth, it will not just be wealth from business, God Himself will make them His treasurers and they’ll fund His program across nations.
    Hear me, you can be one or two or all of these categories, that is what gives you the basis to shine forth. The Bible says, “they may show forth the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light”.

Source: Church Gist

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