I thank God for the man God gave me. Through him, I’ve learnt a lot of things, I’ve learnt warfare, I’ve learnt intercession. I remember the time my husband left to Lagos. He was in Lagos for about Seven years, he was still working at that time. And we just moved to a new house and I started three days prayer. The prayer was a kind of a territorial prayer, to check out all the demonic powers over that territory.

After the third night, I finished my prayer and fasting and went to sleep. That night, there was a visitation. I was in a trance, I was half asleep and half awake. I just saw this young girl, about 10 or 12 years of age, she appeared through the wall and came into my room. I was surprised and was like ” Ah ah! God, what’s this? ” I was just looking at her and I didn’t speak, she was the one speaking.

She said to me ” our mother has warned you to stop that prayer, stop it, if not, we’ll get back to you ” she just turned back and disappeared. Jesus! Fear gripped me. I said ” Jesus! Where is this one coming from, and she came through the wall, after I locked me door ” fear gripped me.

I called my husband Immediately, and told him what I encountered. ” This girl just appeared through the door and this is what she said ” my husband now said ” Dinna, this my Omoge , what have you been doing? ” and I told him that I took up a three days fasting and prayer against the witches, wizards and demons in this territory. He said ” really? How many days? ” and I told him it was three days. He said to me ” You’ve not started then, you just scratched on the surface, you just did three days, that’s why the owners of the territory came to visit you, this kind of territorial intercession will take you nothing less than 21 days to accomplish ”.

That was how I started intercession, fully. If you know you won’t finish what you started, you want to go half way and stop, don’t just start because you will stir up something that may destroy you. It doesn’t mean you should be afraid. God will give you the grace to labour and come out victorious, in the name of Jesus!

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