Setting Boundaries Among Brethren!

I have always heard of funny situations where Brother A and Sister B just spending time together and showing brotherly love yet one of them still concludes they are in a relationship and expects a proposal or proposes.
If you ask me why things like this happen, I will tell you it is LACK OF BOUNDARIES! Let me start with this, there is nothing wrong with setting boundaries, having a standard and deciding to define your relationship with everyone. Nothing is wrong with that!

People may call you proud, oversabi and the other names but the truth remains that it will save you from plenty “I thought you loved me or I didn’t thought” Lol.
If you say you are not interested in that brother, please why are you picking his calls by 11pm, responding to his love messages and even responding to the green light he is showing?

If you say it is just brotherly love you are showing that sister, please what is the inspiration behind your 11pm calls, bedroom voice and unnecessary compliments. Kilode!
Some of you will be receiving gifts, receiving compliments and love text messages yet you cannot ask the receiver what’s up, you are just smiling upandan. You are doing spiritual father, spiritual daughter but you are holding hands, talking in the dark. Okay

It is not me you are confusing because by the time 5 sisters start saying they think you love them and 3 brothers starts bringing ring to propose, your eyes will soon clear!
Set boundaries now, ask questions, ask Sister A why she is suddenly interested in cooking for you and ask Brother J why he is sending you morning affirmations and compliments. You are even visiting each other and having vigils together. How far na?

You may be enjoying the attention and all that but I tell you by experience, you will lose respect and dignity if you don’t set boundaries and standards for yourself, if you still pick calls at anytime and accept unnecessary compliments and gifts without asking questions.
Have healthy relationships with the brethren in church, stop pairing yourself especially when there’s nothing going on between you and the other person. Be transparent, let them know you are nice to everyone, if you are courting don’t hide it. Set boundaries!
When the confusion starts, don’t say I did not warn you o

©With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady

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