Aimee Semple McPherson

Aimee Semple McPherson was once holding a tent meeting, and while she was ministering, the Lord dropped in her spirit the words, “I want to do a creative miracle.”
Without hesitation, she declared, “God wants to do a creative miracle! If you are in need, come down here to the front!” She gave the call for about ten minutes, however nobody responded so she went right on preaching.

The Lord prompted her again, so she gave the call again for about another ten minutes. Finally a woman in a chair with a blanket over her lap came up to the front. She stated, “I know you said God wanted to do a creative miracle, but I didn’t know if you meant this creative.” Just then she pulled back the blanket to reveal she had a baby that had no arms, no legs, and a deformed face.

Sister Aimee then prayed a simple prayer for the child then she said, “let’s all lift up our hands and worship God!” For thirty minutes they did nothing but worship God and then something amazing happened! All four of the baby’s limbs grew out of its little torso and the face was completely restored back to normal!

What a wonderful savior and healer we serve!

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