Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

When God answers your prayer, how does He answer it?
By giving you power. God answers prayer by sending power; the power that turns that desire to its reality. I know definite times in my life when certain levels of empowerment came and I knew the change. When we started this work, you see and I say this with every sense of responsibility and humility, as at the time this work started, this thing called the power to get wealth was not there. There were ideas; I was reading materials and learning, because I knew that doing ministry with integrity will need resources and I didn’t want to go around, inconveniencing people every day, those people will give up. Church Gist. Church can’t be about money every time and then, you can’t be demanding from people and not releasing the grace that empowers them. When the anointing of God rests upon people who truly love you and they are blessed, you don’t even need to ask them for anything. They will be too grateful to leave, they will never allow you to beg for tea and bread; there are people who have the hearts to give. I remember praying and studying, I had learned principles and a day came, I had to study the life of Abraham and David and I said, “I’ve found the missing link.” I was already anointed, but the anointing is not like a general-purpose tool. The anointing is assignment specific; the anointing for prosperity will not bring healing. The allocations are different. God can help men, stop struggling alone.
I remember praying and crying to God and saying, “Lord, this work is enormous. The apostolic and the prophetic ministry requires a lot. Let this grace, for God’s sake come upon my life and also come upon this vision.” The power to prosper can be on you as a man of God and not be on your ministry; you will prosper and the ministry suffers. The power to prosper can be on the ministry and not you; the ministry will prosper and leave you to suffer and you will start compromising. Church Gist. When that grace came, with all due respect and honour to Jesus, I knew it has come to stay (Acts 2:1), it didn’t visit and go back. There are graces that can sit and rest on you. When it stays on you, that is it. I submit to you with all humility; every devil and every principality from hell knows that this is the ministry God has helped. The ministry is not the building, the ministry is you and you must answer that name this night in the name of Jesus Christ.
When your level of intellectual investment does not match your financial rewards, something is wrong with that equation. We are going to pray that God will move us forward. Any sincere man of God who loves his people, your greatest joy is not your personal testimony. If someone buys me a car today or builds me a house, thank God for all of that but that is not really the testimony that I’ll come and share here. My greatest joy today is to sit down and hear people saying, “I came from a family with nothing, serving idols and now, I am on fire for Jesus, loving Jesus and see what God has done.” That’s a testimony. Church Gist. You must be a wicked leader to rejoice over your results as above and against the people God has sent you to. The real joy of a leader is not his personal testimony, but to know that God’s people are growing in leaps and bounds. When there are genuine testimonies, not stage managed and exaggerated, it is impossible for that ministry to be empty. Let’s take this prayer;
Father, I vow that as You cause me to be great, it will not distract my work with You. Give me an opportunity to serve Your purposes.

  • Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia, April Miracle Service

Source: Church gist

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