I have seen alot and I just want to share some with our brothers here.
Not every guy is a brother and not every brother is a guy.
You need to be both to be able to win a sister oo.
As a brother be real and free. Being born again did not take away your sense of humor, dressing, Charisma and carriage.
Stop looking like an armoured car going to war even though we know that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal sha.
You are not friendly, every sister that smiles at you wants to pull you down abeg you be wall of Jericho?

You are so serious more than a clothe that is starched, Haba na wetin happen?.
You don’t socialize, na serious spirikoko you be.
Demons destroyer and fire activator. Weh done brother.
There is time for spiritual matters and time for physical matters.
You are not bold, outspoken and well mannered.
You lack composure. You can’t communicate your intention simply without quoting Bible passages. Calm down abeg.

We know say you be mobile Bible in human form but relax ooo.
To most of you, canvas and jeans+chinos is a sin. Please who told you such?
It’s suit 24/7, you don’t have casual wears.. No polo, just T- shirt/and suit all the time.
See let me tell you, serious people die Easily and Quickly cos they don’t know how to be themselves and relax.
You are touchy, every little joke infuriates you like a blazing furnace. You won’t crack jokes and you will not also smile at the one another person Manages to crack.. Bros na wah for you ooo.

Some of you walk as if a gun is pointed at you from behind, no gentleman step at all.
Your eating habits is no where to be placed, you chew things like a mill grinding stone, you leak your fingers and the sound is like where rats are playing hide and seek.
No clean shave, your bears look like sharp objects looking for who to pierce, nails so untidy and unkept, your shoes are actually taking the oath of office and are tired.

You won’t put on vest or singlet inside before wearing your shirt.
No boxers, pants or men’s small short inside, you leave your “ministry” discreetly open for all to see. Your dress sense is ZERO.
You just wear your trousers fiam you are off, you even miss one belt hold when wearing your belt and you say nobody is looking at you abi? Ok ooo.
I know most of you don’t like jeans, chinos, canvas but have u tried it and see how it will look on you?.

You won’t wear wrist watch. Na sinners dey wear that one. Not putting on a wrist watch made a young man loose his chances at an interview.. He was simply asked “what’s the time”?.. That was where he was written off.
You don’t use Cologne talk more of body spray or Perfume. That’s from the pit of hell right?.
When you finally wear your coat and wants to propose, you invite her to church with a big Bible and olive oil.. Bros na deliverance you come?
Change abeg. Let me stop here for now.
Sisters I Am Coming for you next so don’t rejoice yet ooo.
Frank Quin Isabella

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