I have been to meetings where everyone were under the power but the territory didn’t shake so it dawned on me that there is something beyond falling down,l have been to meetings where people are healed many healed and there become a licence for them to continue what there were afraid of doing they became afraid because they were going to die so they became modest, conscious of God when they were healed they went back.

That was when I discovered that this business is soul business,what matters more is the orientation you teach the soul of a man. If you can make a man align with jesus the job is done let him grow in that part of Spiritual progress. Someone who don’t have grace for prayer cannot be activated,one who don’t have desire to serve God will that desire be quickened? Jesus raised men and when he left all of them became like him ALL! They were exactly like him that’s what he has called us to do.

Paul said,follow me as I follow christ he had audacity. it was Paul that said,as much as we have loved you we have not only impacted unto you because of jesus but the very substance of our soul. A man comes to a place in God where he knows he has the mind-set of christ. Paul had the audacity to say concerning virgins,I have not received an instruction from the Lord but as a man faithful is counted worthy,I can make statements on this matters.

He was not inspired by the holyspirit but what he said became scriptures.
How can man enter into so much dealing with God that his soul can be that aligned? The utterances of a man can be lined up with scriptures,scriptures are the heart-beat of God. Paul could speak and say,these things are not instructed of God and they could line up as scriptures. How does God work on a man that he becomes so much like him,HOW? Men could have so much assurance in time and Peter would say when we were stripped, we are stripped off from this mortal body he said,we want you to continue what we are doing because what we are doing transcend time and space.

It doesn’t matter when we leave he said when we leave we continue because we have not believed cunningly deviced peoples,when we spoke unto you about the monarch of zion he said,we were eye witness of these things we saw all his excellent majesty when he was transfigured the things we saw,we handled them and the moment we touched them,life sustained the meaning that was deeper than everything we loved.

Men could walk away from families they wandered into territories that their lives were threatened. What did they say? What did they looked upon? What did they touch? What did they stumbled upon in the spirit? People like John could follow jesus and we were told that they cast him into boiling oil yet he couldn’t die,they tied him to a chariot and rolled him around the city,when they discovered that they couldn’t kill him they now sentenced him away from civilization,they cast him to the isle of patmos they wanted him to die there,hunger will kill him they thought yet John didn’t come to a point where he was satisfied. Even in patmos he said, i was in the spirit on the Lords day he did nothing else but to live by the spirit.

When you say their end has come,then their lives become a proof of life after death,when you say it is over with these ones they prove to you that they are connected to the source that is deeper than time and space,these ones don’t have an end even while they walked earth they stood in the immortal realm like entities of zion. Men could speak from earth and correct impressions in heaven Moses could tell God,repent of these things.
How do you want it to be heard that you the great God delivered them from the hands of there enemies and destroyed them in the wilderness?

A man could tell God to repent by what means? What did he enter that God would say concerning Abraham, he said,will I do a thing and not consult my servant? One who is called the I AM THAT I AM now seeks the permission of men in order to exact policies,this policies spoke about were written days beyond before time begun.

What did that man enter that God who concluded earth before it began would now need to seek his permission?by what technology?
These men did prive themselves in calling names and phone numbers they gave word of knowledge to generations,Jacob could rise up and would place hands on Ephraim and Manasseh he said let the name of isreal be named upon you and instantly they became part of the twelve tribes of isreal. Moses will rise upon the mountain and say,levi is no longer part of isreal,I separate them unto the lord! How do these men become so mighty? Its a protocol of alignment.

When you align your heart with jesus he will show you possibilities you can never imagine.
You think your life is all about your family,all about your village and where you came from? You have been deceived. Before they know you,they have to go back to the original where you were fabricated from,you are a photocopy of a reality, you are as deep as God. But the only way you can establish that connection is through alignment, you connect yourself back to the fountain of life and become as deep as the water one himself.

When you realise these things activities don’t move you anymore,you don’t come to a place to impress people our first audience is God himself so you will know that we don’t speak to educate we speak as witnesses,if God is your audience can you educate him? Can you? So you stand on the pulpit you think you’re educating people? You’re a transmitter of eternal heritage, a transmitter of eternal realities. Do you think its what you say that change men? It is what is transmitted in what you say!

I have come to ask you this evening… What are the burdens you have aborted? Could that be the only thing that could Make you relevant in your generation?
All of us will preach, but our peculiarities is a function of the intrinsic operation of God in our spirit man.

How many seasons have you aborted because of irresponsibility.
The windows of heaven opened over your head, you know for the next three weeks you should go on a retreat but your fraternity with your friends will not let you – your fraternity with this world will not let you, and then, that window shuts!
And remember, not every window is the same, the window open until after three years again and then the window shuts.

And then you think if you’re making contact with the reigning apostle, you’ll become something, it doesn’t work like that.
Every man that ever became significant in his generation, there was something his spirit man was feeding on and that thing ate their soul up, ITS A BURDEN!. They stay on it until it drags them into depths in God, that they can’t define. Most people are lost in those burdens and the next time they appear, when you look at them, it is a strange dimension of God you see.


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