Dear Young Lady,
ONCE a guy starts coming close to you, and then asks you out, he must have found you Physically and Sexually attractive, no matter how spiritual he is.
So that makes you his greatest temptation and weakness.
As a lady in a relationship, understand that some times when your fiance sees you, he feels a strong urge to hold you in intimate ways and go all the way,
Only DISCIPLINE and the FEAR OF GOD keep him from doing that…..

And You also have a role to play too
Your Dressing
When you become too familiar with him, and anytime he comes to visit you, you forget he’s a Man, you wear clothes that expose your cleavage, you’d wear certain type of clothes, and your nipples will be showing through the see through top you wore and you don’t expect him to react.
Don’t forget, Men are moved by sight.
When he comes visiting, and you sit down anyhow, or dress anyhow, as if you are trying to try him,
Be careful
Don’t be his temptation.

I remember when I used to visit my ex then, she’d wear bum shots and be walking up and down in the house, showing her laps and confusing the son of Man’s head….
Aunty did not understand that it is blood that is flowing through Pastors body.
I had to tell her to stop wearing bum shots anytime I came to see her, let us help ourselves to make heaven, “when we get married” I told her “I’ll even be the one buying you bumshots”
After marriage, you can be walking naked before him if you like, I’m sure he’ll even like that.
But before marriage, temper justice with mercy.
Dear Lady, Help your fiancé..

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