Secure Your White!

Secure Your White!

Whenever I get a white dress, I hang them separately, wash them with caution, I take care of them differently. Who else can relate?
I don’t know how you care for your white but that’s how I care for mine, I don’t joke with it. Let’s talk about purity because that’s the white I would love to refer to in this piece.
If you want to say something is pure or signify purity, we would always use the color white but when something begins to loose it whiteness, my friends call it “I was white”
Let’s use a white dress for instance, at first it had its beauty, the real color when you got it from the store but after a while, maybe because of how you washed it or where you kept it, it began to loose its whiteness.

Sometimes we try to bleach it and if you use the right bleach in the right way, you might get the white dress back but if you don’t, it only gets worse.
So it is when you do not secure your purity, when you allow everything that can tamper your purity and refuse to set boundaries. When you become too loose or overlook the little traces of lust.
When you become too comfortable with immorality, then you are not securing your white, it will not take long until your white will be stained. In other words, it won’t take long for your purity to be tampered.
I just want to remind you that just as you secure and strive to see that your white dresses remains white, that’s how much effort and even more you will put to see that your PURITY is secured.

You will stop hesitating to set boundaries, you won’t take a second to define relationships, ungodly relationships or discussions will not even be an option!
You won’t see the need to scroll through those nude pictures or check what is happening in an immoral show or movie. You will guard your hearts with all diligence and have a continuous walk with God.

Dear Christian,
Purity is not an option but a must! We will guard and secure it. We will keep holding onto God and trusting Him to keep us firm and help us to stand for purity until the right time. We will keep standing!
Are you securing your white or not?
How much efforts are you putting to keep standing firm? Maybe not much but be encouraged, stand firm, hold onto God’s word and walk side by side with God.
Sexual Purity Is Possible!
We Stand For Sexual Purity!
Today Is World Sexual Purity Day And I Want To Celebrate You For Staying Pure

©With Love, The journey of A Christian Lady

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