Every time I see people that are angry with the subject of money. I always ask “what aspect of poverty do you like?” (Congregation laughs). No, I’m not being humorous, I have sat down, I have tasted poverty, I have tasted Wealth, I still wonder why people defend poverty.

I would like to have an honest conversation with a person has made up their mind to be poor and say what aspect of this poverty do you really like? You know it is one thing to criticize wealth. Okay, let’s admire poverty (laughter).
The little things, the big things…. I Remember the first time I went to Transcorp Hilton and I saw one small boy running around Transcorp Hilton… running around, you know, all those shops on the ground floor by the restaurants that they are very expensive.

You see one small vase, 850,000. If you see the way this boy was running and nobody had the courage to tell him to sit down, I had to ask Who is this boy’s father? Because it means that whatever the boy can break the father can pay for it. I now suddenly understood when the Bible says that God is our father.
I’ve always wondered. Let’s talk about the little things.

How do you know? That it is not every challenge that comes into your life that is directly satan? Do you know that there is an amount of income you can have that satans hands will be tied?
I know some people say no no, no, no… let me tell you… you can use money to limit satan!
I was thanking God the other day. I am not going to go deep because I don’t have so much time. I was thanking God the other day and I said, Lord, thank you. It’s been almost 2…3 years… 4 years and my children (son) have never been admitted, but then I realize that my children have never drank pure water (congregation laughs).

The other day, my son was crying because one of my wife’s stuff was drinking pure water and he refused to drink bottled water. He wanted to taste your water for the first time. I’ve already told my children, the ajebotar I never was you will be by force (congregation). So the chances of them getting sick, barring and injury. I still stretch my faith so that there would not be injury or accident, but there can’t be illness. You didn’t get that. These diseases are transferable.

The other day, a lady messaged me, from time to time She tells me her problems and she told me I should pray for her, that the socks, the clothes of my children are mysteriously disappearing and it’s a demonic attack! I now said no, you live in a compound (congregation laughs).
I cannot pray for you, pack into your own house fence it, and nothing will ever disappear.

As we’re laughing let’s be thinking. You are always testifying that God is delivering you on the highway today this part fell off then tomorrow, suddenly your tire bursts by brand new tire, michellene not the China one, the German one, you will stop giving that testimony.
You see, I made up my mind that God will only do for me what only God can do. Anything God designed me to do, I will do it.

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