She was in a hurry, about to leave the house.
Today, she starts her new job. She was a bit anxious.
She had opened the door. Purse, car keys and folder in hand.
“Good day hun” her husband told her as he sat on the sofa having his breakfast.
She blew him a kiss.
He smiled.
“I am off, I don’t want to be late for work”
She opened the door and hurriedly walked out.
As she was about to close the door, her husband called her.
“Honey, your phone. Don’t leave it” he said.
She walked back in the house in a hurry.

“Oh thank you. Thank you” she picked up her phone from the table, then quickly walked to the door.
She was out again, closing the door.
Then she flung the door open again, put down her purse, car keys and hand folder on the table, walked to her husband and sat next to him laying her head on his chest.
“Pray for me my love. I am too anxious. Cover me in prayer. Commit this new job to God. You prayed with me and I got the job, now pray with me as I start it” she said.

“You won’t get late for work my love?” He asked.
“Prayer is never a waste of time. It’s better to start the day right than to be in a hurry and on time only to live through a day not birthed in prayer. This job is from God. I need God to do it. I would pray for myself but I am married, I have a husband with whom I am one with. My emotions are too all over the place so I need your steady prayerful voice to calm me” she said.

“OK hun. Let’s pray” he requested.
“Our God, our Maker in whom we move, exist and have our being; thank You for this day. Thank You for the privilege of time. God, You hold time in Your hands and so we will make time to pray to You. We need You. Thank You for the skills, talent, education, purpose and health You have given my wife. Thank You for her new position, her new job. Give her the power to create wealth and make her productive. Calm her. Arrest her anxiety. Adorn her day with Your peace, surround her hours with Your protection, crown her path with Your favour. Lead her in the marketplace and workplace. Meet her needs. Give her journey mercies. Her success at work and at home, is all to Your glory. Help me to support her in all she does as her husband. Use me as Your vessel to walk with her as she fulfils her purpose. In Jesus’ name we pray”
“Amen” they both said.

They gently kissed.
“I love you” she told him.
“I love you too. I believe in you” he said.
“Thank you. Now I am ready to take on the day” she told him as she stood up and picked up her purse, hand folder and car keys.
“See what your prayers do to me? They build me. Thank You, my High Priest. This job, it’s an earthly assignment that needs Heavenly blessings. Hun, let’s be praying before we leave the house. With you by my side as a prayerful team, we can face anything. So many marriages lack peace and order because the couple doesn’t pray. I now leave the home as a wife who comes from a prayerful home. Talk to you later” she said.
“Talk to you later” he responded.
“Mambo sawasawa, mambo sawasawa…” She sang as she closed the door.

“Yesu akiwa enzini, mambo sawa sawa, mambo sawasawa” he joined his wife in singing.
Dear husband; your voice, your prayer calms your wife down. There is something powerful and reassuring when a man’s voice speaks in prayer to his wife’s spirit. A head of the family, lives a prayerful lifestyle.

A man who has a praying wife is the most blessed man in the world.
One of the most important tools for ensuring the success of your marriage is prayer.
While the man carries the role of a backbone of the family, protecting his beloved woman and children, someone should stand by him, protecting him from all the misfortunes and this person is none but his loving wife.

Don’t wait until there are problems in your marriage before you stand in gap for your beloved husband. Pray without ceasing. During praying, mention the name of your husband several times. A praying Woman is a Winning Woman.
Commit the heart of your husband into the hands of God. Ask the Lord to enable him love you with all his heart.
What do you want God to change in your husband’s life? Take it to God in
Pray about his decision, ministries, health, job and his finances.
Pray against every spirit of lust, adultery, divorce, unfaithfulness, financial crisis, anger, pride, disease, sickness, unforgiveness, untimely death etc
Praise God for making you his wife, as you pray together.

Nothing is secured outside prayers.
For you to have a joyful and long lasting marriage, prayer is a must.
Pray together as couple. The couple that prays together stays together.
Prayer is the stabilizing factor for blissful marital life.
Men, Pray for your wives without ceasing! You will never love your wife more than when you pray for her. Humbling yourself before God and asking Him to do what only He can in her life—that’s a level of intimacy beyond anything the world has to offer.

Praying for your wife makes you realize how much of a treasure she is, the woman God gave you. You’re pouring yourself into her complete physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
A Real Man Is A Man Of Prayers!
May the Lord make us praying couples

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