Apostle Jushua Selman
Apostle Jushua Selman

There is serious disadvantage If you do not carry favor , people really don’t care about you. This is a a painful revelation. People don’t care about you at all. They are passionately obsessed in ,making a meaning out of their own life, so what ever will make them leave their own affair and zoom their attention on you has to be divine.
Most of us have this superstitious idea that just because I love God everybody will shut down on their destiny and listen to me, no sir.
Apostle the other day I sat down in the church and someone sat there and was smiling at me, my brother as he was looking at you he was thinking about something else, I can almost tell you are not the one he was looking at. Am not being sarcastic.
Have you seen people walk and think they are talking to you but they are talking to themselve? .

Do you know why am teaching you this?, if it is true that your success does depend on God in partnership with men to make it happen and this men are currently distracted pursuing their destiny, then what do you think will make these men to leave what ever it is and then turn to you dedicated investment of their time, dedicated investment of their resources, dedicated investment of their energy, allow you to climb and leverage upon them? I was preaching years ago and a man of God preached before me and he share a story that i found very powerful.

That there was a senior advocate in this country or somewhere in the world, very senior legal practitioner, very successful and influential, one whose name is a key, you know names can be two things , keys or padlocks………
But this one his name is a key and there was this young lawyer who has tried and tried, trying to set up his firm but has fail very sincere gentle man, and he was really frustrated , and he went to God in prayer and say lord change my life, things have to change, and every time he will stand he will see some of this top client institution running around to talk to that senior advocate to help them in all kinds of legal services and this people will be biding for millions of dollars and the gentle man felt life was so unfair.

When God wanted to help that gentleman this is what happen, I think they were in a conference and there were several people , business men , billionaire, others and this man can and cried to this man, please help my life and the man said , okay I will help you. And he said follow me and came out of the veranda, and everybody was just looking at him, oooo this is that our senior advocate, what is he doing with this guy? Then he began to talk to him, how are you, and the gentle man say that’s not the issue ….. and they were walking together, and the young man was angry he said sir, the issue is I am hungry…… when he walked with him, he got into his office and said to him, if you still fail don’t come to my office again, listen.

Do you know what he was doing? People where saying who is this man?…….the gentle man came out true story, he was about to look for a bike to go home and someone stopped him and said sorry, I saw you with this man…… we been trying to get him to negotiate a deal for us at this rate but… can we work with you and he mention a rate, a breakthrough and the gentle man compose himself listen true story. The moment he did that God grant him grace, called some of his partners and work together within a year this gentle man got a gift and went back to the office of the senior advocate and kneel down and say thank you for changing my life, then the senior the advocate asked what happened to you, you have to study what happened to you so that you can use it on others too.
Favor is when a individual invest his credibility on you. Who likes you in this kingdom MATTERS.

The Irrefutable Ministries of Destiny Helpers
Mark 2:1-5
Who are these group of people called destiny helpers?
Destiny helpers are men and women equipped, empowered, ordained and assigned by God to help you fulfil you destiny and to take you to the next level.
God blesses men through men. It is God that leads but he uses men.
Four Types of Destiny Helpers

Divine Connectors: 2 Kings 5:1. They do not have the power directly to help you but they can lead you to who can help you. The key to receiving from divine connectors is meekness and discernment because they will always come in forms that may not be desirable. Don’t demean people, you may be throwing away the next 10 years of your life.

Men of Access and Influence: These are men who through their sacrifice and diligence have become Captains of industries and gatekeepers to realms. Absence of this in life, has kept many gifted people grounded. Difficult things becomes easy when men of credibility speak for you.

Gifted People: Men and women who will use their talents, gifts and skills to accomplish your divine purpose. 1 Samuel 16:18-21. Before you pray that God will bring great people to you, please do well to work on yourself. Praying to God to bring great people to you without refining your gifts, will only recycle pain and unpleasant seasons in your life. Excellence and competence is a language. There are people who can speak it and there are people who understand it.

Burden Bearers: These are trusted and faithful people who will stay with you through storms and challenges until your glory is revealed. The world is full of sychophants but there are genuine people. An example was Ruth. They may not move you forward, but they will help you not to go back. Joseph was a burden bearer before an interpreter of dreams. Don’t just pray that God will send ‘them,’ be the ‘them’ first. Being there for people is a real investment. It has its return.
Who can speak for you when you are not there? Plant memories of your kindness in the minds of people. Not just those who have risen but those who are rising. Believe in people. Discern potentials and invest in it.

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