Apostle Joshua Selman

Jesus teaches us how to calm storms.. Every time there is a storm, it may mean you are moving forward.
Jesus didn’t go back.. He calmed the storm. The first thing he did was to rebuke the wind. Behind everybody there is a spirit component to it. Behind every situation, there is a spirit component to it. Sometimes going back is not an option . Many people focus only on the raging water, but ignore the wind behind it.
There is a spirit sponsoring that family catastrophy. Don’t be deceived. Spirits are real. They influence people’s finances, marriages and results. Everytime Jesus was going to handle issues, he first corrects the spiritual dimension before the physical.
People find everything easy but when it gets to your turn, it becomes extremely difficult.. There is a spirit behind it ..
When you rebuke a child, don’t stop there, rebuke the spirit sponsoring the situation.
The power of victory comes when the realities in the realm of the spirit are settled. All realities must first be settled in the realm of the spirit if you want a permanent result..
Hebrews 11″13
The physical realm is a child of the spirit realm. Every good or bad thing starts from the realm of the spirit.
Every situation you see has an umbilical cord like a child. .. When you trace it, you will find where it came from.Some can be traced back from far territories. The doctor cuts the umbilical cord of every child.. As long as there is that connection, nothing changes.
Always approach things by first handling the realm of the spirit..Job never knew that the realm of the spirit planned his tragedy. If only he knew a week before they began to happen, he would have handled them. When the realm of the physical begins to manifest what the realm of the spirit has concluded, only God can correct it.
With God all things are possible. Build your life from the realm of the spirit and see what happens in the physical. What you see happening around you is a manifestation of what was already concluded in the realm of the spirit.

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