Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Pain

Pastor Jerry Eze was raised by a Single mother.
Papa Uma Ukpai lost his father at the age of ten,,lost his two children in a day.
Frank Edward hawked okpa(Igbo dish) in the streets of Enugu before he joined Christ embassy and learnt the rudiments of music.
Moses Bliss hawked Vegetable in the streets of Abuja until God announced him.

Chioma Jesus Was a groundnut Seller until God announced her in 2003.
Sinach got married with no child for five years.
Pastor David Ibiyeomi of salvation ministries started with 34 members..
listen to me Sir/ma
Don’t be ashamed of your pain now because they will validate your testimony.

The pain of today will validate the gain of tommorow.
Sharp Sharp is in manifestation not in training.
Stay and patiently follow the training.
Many things we call delay is Divine process.
What we call shame has made people..

Let them laugh at you but don’t stop doing what you’re called to do.
many saw Apostle Suleiman as a failure when he closed his ministry in Agbor and headed to Auchi.
I know many called Pastor Jerry Eze an abomination when he was born by a single mother.
Can I talk to you?
God is not done with you.
I don’t know why you are ashamed of starting small.

You’re ashamed of being laughed at. you’re on the wrong track and afraid of starting all over again..
it’s better to be slow and right than to be fast and wrong.
I have seen God give speed to men in seasons.
Check your spirit and remember the things God showed you about yourself.
Go back and revisit the vision and make it plain and press into it.
Don’t throw away the beautiful tommorow because of an ugly today.
I don’t know whom I’m talking to..
I’m talking to that young man and woman here whom his uncle has failed.

I’m talking to the man and woman whom the secret altars voices in his father’s house is fighting.
I’m talking to that young man here hiding in cave adullam waiting on God.
When God is silent, Respond with a waiting.
Stand up and believe in yourself and God.
And Caleb said let us go up to this mountain and possess it for we are well able.. Numbers 13:30
Don’t expect everyone to believe in you or your calling. It’s not a conference call.
if you have missed steps, Go back to the altar.
He that keeps Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers.
Shall we pray!

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