A lot of Kingdom believers think that the end game of their Christian walk is miracles and all other supernatural feats.
But there is more.
The supernatural is even expected to be a natural offshoot, a natural function of our intrinsic God-life.
The zenith of God’s plan for us is that we replicate and extend his civilization on earth.

You see prayers are good, so is any other spiritual activity. But the culmination of our spiritual engagements is for us to enter and trap inventions from the Father’s realm and reproduce it here.
When the Bible says ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. What is this will in heaven?
Is it healing, is it raising of the dead? or any other supernatural exploit?
None of these aforementioned are needed in heaven, we are well apprised that heaven is in utopia.

So what is the Father’s will in heaven? Heaven runs on another kind of economy, another kind of knowledge. Heaven is billion light years away from us in technological inventions and wisdom.
There has always been a cry for men who would peep into the realm of our Father and download structures, men that can navigate the pathways of High thoughts.

We think too little! Our minds are not broad enough. After your miracles what next? Since the days miracles has been happening what has changed? Pervasion still thrives on the globe like a plague.
Scriptures says to disciple nations. You see that sphere you are called into, there is a governing Prince ruling through a man who has yielded his faculties to dark wisdom. By this perverse wisdom millions and billions have become enslaved to the powers of darkness. What we need is another kind of wisdom, another kind of knowledge to displace the existent ruling throne.

In the sphere of entertainment we see lots of stations bringing up programmes that keep the mind perpetually in bondage!.
On the mountain of I.C.T, almost every social media apps are designed to corrupt the mind subtly, these apps don’t respect if you just came back from a 100 days fast.
I’m sure some of you watch Big brother. When will we start our own reality shows, instead of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ why not ‘Who wants to be a scripturemania’ attach monetary benefits to its and see if millions will not encounter Christ.
There are vast treasures in our dimension and we are downloading none or little. we can’t disciple nations if we keep leaving the heathen to take charge of the Seven mountains of influence!!.

Mind you the Prince over Game of thrones and Marvel is not here to joke, these guys employ incognito tools to restructure the mindset of Humanity.
When are we going to rise to take over? Just imagine a powerful animation with Isaiah 6. Do you know how many kids will encounter Christ?
Within that anointing, inside that glory you carry there are classified information on the wisdom needed for your sphere. Now there are no few Bezaleels and Aholiabs, the spirit of wisdom dwells in everyone.
When you hear Zuckerberg what comes to mind is Facebook. What of Bill Gate? Nikola Tesla? William Shakespeare?

Then what about you? Will you only be remembered as that man or woman who is a prayer warrior? Or that man who is known for healing the sick? When will you build structures that will outlast you?
When will you invent a culture that will continually amass souls into the Kingdom even when you decide to leave earth. We all need to tarry with the Spirit of Wisdom, she finds out witty inventions!.
Not everyone in the world out there is impressed by your miracle! Many have shut their minds against religion or any kind of spiritual fabric.
Ask for wisdom ask for knowledge, think wide and broad! Think beyond the next 100 years.
There is more!.

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