80 Powerful Quotes By Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi

Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi
Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi

Early Life
Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi was born in 1941, in Nigeria’s Western Region, into a family that knew the Bible was very important as the word of God; they would rise up early in the morning to sing hymns, read the Bible, and pray. However, it was not until he left home to attend high school in another part of the region that young W.F. Kumuyi got an experiential knowledge of who Jesus Christ was, and what radical changes He could effect in lives surrendered to His lordship.

While teaching mathematics at his alma mater, after graduating from high school, Pastor Kumuyi was introduced to the Apostolic Faith Church. He heard the Gospel, and believed the word of God on righteousness, temperance, judgment to come, and salvation from sin: Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi became born again on Sunday, April 5, 1964.
In his early Christian days, as he still does many good writers, Pastor Kumuyi read John Wesley, Charles Finney, and Charles Spurgeon, among others. He got involved with the Scripture Union (SU), and he grew spiritually.

Formal education for Pastor William Kumuyi started in his home town; he went on to attend Mayflower School in Ikenne, near Ijebu-ode, whence he graduated with a high school diploma in 1961. After teaching at his alma mater for a brief period, Pastor Kumuyi gained admission to study mathematics at Nigeria’s premier institution of higher education, the University of Ibadan, obtaining a first class degree in 1967.

Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi
Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi

Pastor Kumuyi went back to teaching mathematics at Mayflower School, Ikenne, before going for a postgraduate course in education at the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. On the completion of his postgraduate study program, Pastor Kumuyi became a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Lagos in 1973.

The Deeper Christian Life Ministry along with its church arm, the Deeper Life Bible Church, which now has over one million members in more than sixty countries around the world, started as a fifteen-member Bible Study group in Pastor William Kumuyi’s official quarters (Flat 2) at the University of Lagos in August, 1973.

While doing his postgraduate work at the University of Lagos, some people who knew Pastor Kumuyi as a member of the Scripture Union (SU) would approach him to ask questions about the Bible and Christian living. Some of these enquirers would come at odd hours, so the Pastor felt it was better they gather as a group to study the Bible, on Monday evenings in his apartment, instead of spending so much time dealing with them as individuals.

Soon enough, the time came when Flat 2 could no longer hold the Bible Study participants, so they spilled outside and occupied the front of the building. In due course, as more people came and the Bible Study Group grew, it became necessary in 1976 to find a more commodious place outside of the university campus. Because the Group was non-denominational, people were happy to come from various churches to study with Lecturer Kumuyi, as the Pastor was still called at that time.

Soon, the Bible Study Group membership went over 1,500.
The exponential growth of the Bible Study Group, and the need to encourage believers in Jesus Christ to live the deeper Christian life enjoined by the Bible, as different from the legalism of many of the orthodox churches of that era, led to the transformation of the Bible Study Group into the Deeper Life Bible Church in 1983.

Even with the formation of the Church, the leaders of the erstwhile Bible Study Group still retained the Deeper Christian Life Ministry as the larger umbrella body which allowed them to minister to others outside the Deeper Life Bible Church.

Here Are Some Powerful Quotes From This Great Man Of God:

The true child of God is a peacemaker. He not only loves peace, wants peace, promotes peace, works for peace, prays for peace, he also does everything to maintain peace among people; he abhors completely all strives, discords and contentions. He hates war because it engenders killings and if there is anything he can do it is to make peace

The scriptures declare that the day of the Lord will be a period of judgment, desolation and darkness. It will be a time when God will arise and punish His enemies decisively

The work (of soulwinning) should not be left for pastors and other leaders in the church – everyone must be involved. Training and retraining should be given prominence in order to develop members into effective workers, to turn them from distressed, discontent men into mighty men.

True children of God are so different from sinners in heart, in spirit, in life or lifestyle, in character and characteristics as the day is different from the night or as light is different from darkness

All the knowledge from all other books is only profitable till death; the knowledge received from the BIBLE is profitable in life, at death, after death, for all eternity.

When ministers and members graciously follow God’s revealed will for His family, there will be the realisation of God’s expectation for the Church

The blessed truth that gladdens the believer’s heart is the reassurance that he is saved and delivered from this eternal wrath, punishment, indignation, suffering and torment

Believers must desire and pursue holiness of heart and life, yield themselves to God, consecrate and submit to His will in sanctification, pray and believe with the expectancy of faith, then God will sanctify, purify and make them entirely holy

Having experienced the grace of God, you have a God-given responsibility to both live a godly lifestyle and preach the gospel to others so they also can be saved.

For a fast to be beneficial, it must be done in a spirit of reverence toward God, in which we
acknowledge our dependence on God and worship Him as a covenant-keeping Redeemer.

Forgiveness of sin is man’s deepest need and God’s greatest gift. And the Lord has promised
that if the sinner confesses and forsakes his sins and if by faith in the vicarious death of Christ
he trusts in God for forgiveness, he will be forgiven and will be granted the privilege of sonship.

The fearful, faithless soul interprets every problem as the restraining of the Spirit. He sees a roaring lion in every path of duty. The faithful believer sees the open door of ministry in spite of many adversaries.

Believers who have the assurance of their salvation are the only hope in Christ for the sinners in the world. No matter what sinners possess: wealth, health, fame, position – their eternal loss will cancel all their earthly gain.

There is nothing like eternal or unconditional security. There exists the possibility of departing from the faith once delivered to the saints. There is nothing like being saved forever. You can fall from grace to grass if you are not careful.

We are invited to pray and God has promised to hear. Great things happen because of prayer. We are commanded to pray by the One who loves us, and reminded that we show Him our love by keeping His commandments

We build our Christian lives on shaky foundation when we depend on Church membership, religious duties, activities and Church ordinances like Infant baptism, Confirmation and the Lord’s Supper to usher us to Heaven.

Sanctification is the second but definite work of grace that enables us to be free from all internal struggles with sinful inclinations and natural depravity. It fills us with supreme love for God and for our fellow men. It makes us pure in heart.

Careless and carnal Christians will not be privileged to enjoy the blessings of the rapture and the coming of the Lord. Their sorrow and sufferings will be undescribeable

The early church was made up of witnessing christians who had the mind and the Spirit of Christ. They lived a life of practical holiness and purposeful witnessing. Soul-winning was not a special extra for just a few selected workers among them. Neither was it a week-end supplement, once a month. It was their central responsibility. They took soul-winning as an evidence of genuine salvation, as a common mark of being part of Christ’s flock.

The purpose of our living here on earth is to do the will of God.

Our emphasis in life must be on the most essential things: to be saved, live a life of holiness and be ready for the coming of the Lord. We are not to be pre-occupied with the momentary and transient things such as signs and wonders that many seek after today.

Hypocrites will be disappointed on the last day and be shut out, while true believers will be taken up to meet with the Lord in the air

The true child of God wholeheartedly leans on God and will not lean on the arm of the flesh for his supply and sufficiency. The heavenly Father will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Selfishness, covetousness, greed and fear of man are vices that deprive men of God’s blessings.

The missionary strategy of the Apostles was guided, directed and controlled by the Holy Spirit.

God’s plan and purpose for choosing to redeem believers from sin is so that they will be a peculiar people unto Him

Believers must not fail to declare the gospel of salvation to their friends, neighbours, spouses, children, colleagues, etc.

The righteous do suffer persecution only on the earth for a short time. Their persecutors will suffer the punishment of a righteous God for an indefinite, unending time, forever and ever

Having experienced the grace of God, you have a God-given responsibility to both live a godly lifestyle and preach the gospel to others so they also can be saved

Christ is our Redeemer, Saviour, Lord, and Head of the church of God. He purchased the church with His blood and gave the believer and Christian servants the responsibility to care, nurse, feed, grow and develop it.

Godliness is a heavenly virtue that comes from God. Only God can impart it to our hearts because it is His nature.

The beginning of breakthrough in a family is when items of idolatry that were brought into the family are thrown out; when all the garments and instruments of secret cults and occultism that were brought into the family are thrown out; when all the maids that have familiar spirits are sent back to where they came from; when relationships with strange women that have become second wives are broken; when sinful things are got rid of; when cases of bribery and corruption are dealt with and taken away; when stolen items are restored; when there is change of mind concerning divorcing the rightful wife because the Lord hates divorce.

Angels serve in obedience to divine commands and in dependence upon divine strength. They excel in power and wisdom and are eternally committed to doing God’s pleasure.

We should pray more earnestly when we have the conviction that God is about to display His power in the conversion of sinners and also fulfil His great promises in His Church.

Cold prayers are as arrows without heads, as swords without edges, as birds without wings; they pierce not, they cut not, they fly not up to heaven. Cold prayers always freeze before they get to heaven.

God deserves the best and demands the best. He is worthy of the first and the best. He who is worthy of our best will not be satisfied with anything less.

The written Word knows no fear. It never tires, but works 24 hours a day, even while the preachers and the printers sleep and rest. It is never discouraged, but will tell its story over and over again. The written Word is more permanent than the human voice. It continues to speak and make its message plain after audible words have been forgotten and lost.

God’s great purpose in redemption is to conform all who are saved to the image of His Son.

In spiritual service the character of the worker or preacher decides the quality of his work.

Only the faith that produces righteous deeds in our lives can prove that we have authentic salvation in Christ.

One Christian filled with the Holy Spirit can win multitudes for Christ; but it takes a team, nay, an army of like-minded men to win and disciple the world.

When the church is growing, its leadership must grow to match the growth. To remain stagnant at any stage of the church’s growth creates imbalance and ineffectiveness in ministry.

The Christian pilgrim must be watchful over his thoughts, speech, the places he goes, the books he reads, the friends he keeps. He must be watchful in times of success and failure, encouragement and discouragement, happiness and sadness; in times of relaxation and in times of victory.

God will give peace where there has been turbulence and He will restore glory to His church

Who we are determines what we do and what we do determines our happiness, usefulness and destiny.

This year’s December Retreat will enable us move from sin to salvation, from poverty to properity, from sickness to sound health and from defeat to dominion.

The saints’ resurrection will be a glorious resurrection. We shall share in the glory of the risen, reigning Christ.

No other business should thrill the heart of a New Testament believer than personal evangelism.

The grand design of our commission is to turn men from darkness to light, from the power of Satan unto God and from sin to righteousness

The people who do not have the mark of the Beast will suffer temporarily, but the people who get the mark of the Beast will also suffer – suffer eternally in the lake of fire (Revelation 13:15-17; 14:9-11). The number of the Beast is 666. The only sure way of escape is to be genuinely saved and live for Christ and endure till the end

May our lives and ministries touch, teach and transform people beyond our locality and periods beyond our lifetime.

It is when you bring the Great Commission to the centre of the activities of your life that your life will please the Lord.

Christ’s birth and resurrection were without any human agency. His Second Coming and the establishment of His millennial reign on earth will be without any human agency.

The greatest and most favoured of saints and servants of God must remain diligent students of God’s Word

Righteousness is not a product of human endeavour, trial, struggle or work. It is a provision of the grace of God

If the ministration of an angel gave Daniel understanding, the ministration of the Holy Spirit will give us much clearer and fuller understanding in all the revelation of the mystery of God

We are all as nothing without God. We are nothing in ourselves. Only in Him and through Him do we have any value recognized by heaven. Saved, favoured, surrounded by the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God, He makes something valuable out of our nothingness as He created the vast worlds out of nothing

No one can serve the true God and at the same time be supremely engaged in loving the world or serving any selfish interests. Our devotion to the world and the things of the world will interfere with our commitment to God.

The evangelization of sinners, edification or education of converts and establishment of churches must be pursued relentlessly. We must not be negligent in seeking to convert sinners to Christ and we must not fail in the ministry of conforming those converts to Christ.

Faith will have;
Confidence Assurance
Commanding Authority
Corresponding Action

No matter what man may propose against you, the plan of God will prevail.

We will live the Christian life naturally when our nature is change and not by struggling.

Whatever God hates is an abomination.

When we obey God in showing mercy to other people, we will find mercy and favour in the sight of God and men. We will also find life and honour. As we show mercy, the blessings of the Lord will become abundant in our lives.

To serve God is to give our hearts to Him, to love Him supremely, to allow Him to reign over us and rule all our decisions and actions. We cannot serve God and at the same time give our heart, interest and devotion to an object that is incompatible with Him.

Prayer helps us secure the power and assistance of Omnipotence so that our lives achieve more than we could have achieved ordinarily

Praying is a great privilege with great potentials but wrong motives, hypocrisy and unrighteousness will render it useless and unprofitable.

Repentance and faith in Christ reconcile us to God and the middle wall of partition between us and God is broken down.

Cross-cultural evangelism and mission outreach will be impossible without freedom from nationalistic tradition and cultural attachments.

Preaching the gospel to the lost is God’s work

Fasting and prayer, when done in the right way, with godly motives and total abandonment to God’s will, predisposes us to God’s revelation, inclines us to God’s will, cleanses and purges our hearts of idols in all their forms, sets us free from the world and its slavish dominion.

If Sodom and Gomorrah who did not have the Scripture to read are suffering eternal punishment, those who have, read, know the Scripture and yet reject the Saviour, will suffer more severely in eternity.

No Lack! No Loss! No Limitation!

The more you talk about problems, the more perplex and weak you will become.

The more civilize and educated the world is, the more typical and wicked the heart of man become.

The heart is the seat of action; what is in the heart actions our tongue, movement, etc .

When you tell the TRUTH, the world may take away earthly benefits from you but cannot take eternal benefits from you.

It is the condition of the heart that will determine the direction and destination of our lives.

When you conquer the tempter, you conquer everything in life.

If you are saturated and filled by the Word of God, anytime the tempter comes, you will be able to conquer and knock him down.

God Bless You

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