Adetutu Osofowora.
Adetutu Osofowora

I WROTE THIS ARTICLE YEARS AGO in a women’s group and I want to put it here again because of a question that married couples or about to marry regularly ask me. CAN WE AS COUPLES WATCH PORNOGRAPHY VIDEOS TOGETHER TO ENHANCE OUR SEX LIFE?
Here are my thoughts.

WHAT IS PORNOGRAPHY? researchers, not me gave this definitions:

Pornography is the ‘explicit representation of sexual activity in print or on film to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

Pornography (often abbreviated as “porn” or “porno” in informal usage) is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal.
All the other definitions of Porno are variants of the above.
Now Looking at the above definitions, it becomes clear that Pornography is an evil that is wrapped in an attractive packaging, its a Trojan horse, which should indeed be avoided by any wise and decent person. What do I mean by this:
From the definitions, the purpose of Porno is made clear which is just to stimulate sexual & erotic feelings, it doesn’t even aid common emotional involvement let alone affection or love.

Porno feeds only one thing; the flesh & its sexual drive. If therefore an individual indulges in porno all he or she is doing is that they are sowing to the flesh & this is what the bible says about that. Gal 6:8 says this ; ” For he who sows to his own flesh (lower nature, sensuality) will from the flesh reap decay and ruin and destruction”.
Look at that! Nevertheless, I will deliberately be approaching this issue from both the standpoint of basic common sense and the scriptures so that we all can identify. Here are my thoughts :

Pornography is a poor & sorry parody & misrepresentation of our sexuality as humans, it presents sex as something to be craved for & achieved through whatever means, it presents a corrupted & degenerative idea of what sex is which is totally different from that of God who created sex itself.

Pornography presents the human body as nothing but an object & instrument of sexual pleasure to be licked, sucked, bitten, beaten, stroked & subjected to whatever manner of manipulation that catches the participant’s fancy with only one mindless purpose in focus ; to take pleasure & pleasure alone no matter the cost.

Do you know that some of this Pornographic materials show more than one sexual partner per encounter I.e things like 2 women & 1 man, 2 men & 1 woman, 2 men & 2 women, Scorpions & a woman, gorilla & a woman, etc, all of them indulging in a sexual orgy & perverse frenzy, (in case you are wondering how Babes Tusky knows all this, lollll, remember that I’m a retired teacher, the phones of my Jss3 & SS1 students are filled with worse things, don’t even mention the SS2 or 3 students. I seize many of such phones & destroy them on weekly basis & spend a greater part of my time counselling such 12, 13 & 14yrs old whose mind have been corrupted by Porno, so believe me, I know what I’m saying!).
This is not the mind of God for lovemaking, such things like Porno proceeds from the unregenerated & depraved minds of people who have refused to retain God in their consciousness, aptly explained in Rom 1:25-26.

Another danger of Pornography is that it fuels & creates unrealistic expectations about sex in the minds of the viewer , causing them to make selfish & uncomfortable sexual demands of their partners.
Many of us forget that the people inside the porno films are actors & actresses who are actually just acting a part, we forget that there is even no assurance that they are enjoying what they are doing especially the women, the groans, cries of ecstasy, mourns, stretching etc are all part of a script which they are acting out & will be paid for.
Do you know how many times they mechanically repeat some scenes till they satisfy the director?
Do you know how many of the ladies in these films that actually hate the man touching her body, but since its her job to groan & make you the viewer believe that she’s in heaven.
She does it convincingly while she hates herself inside & here you are watching such films with your hubby thinking it will help your sexual life forgetting that what is inside the participants of the film is not love but often repulsion, revulsion, regret & even hate & you want to bring a similar atmosphere into your home.
You & your hubby married out of love & affection but you have exposed your mind to certain things while single and it will now corrupt the atmosphere of that home.
Later, you as a husband , based on this mindset & expectation that has been “revamped” by the porno flicks now starts making some demands on your wife & her body and vice versa. your partner simply suffer in silence and vice versa.

Do you know that Pornography also often imprisons the viewer because it always becomes addictive, then it becomes impossible not to watch it, it controls you & the bible says that you mustn’t be brought under the power of anything but God.
For those who claim to watch it as married couples to enhance their sexual life, its been discovered that after a while the two of them especially the guy won’t be able to make love except they watch it. Is that God? No! That is bondage. Let’s face the truth & reality; if you & your husband are unable to stir each other’s desires & passion & give each other pleasure without having first watched porno, then face it, your relationship have fundamental problems & believe me, its not Porno that will save it.
What will save it is the ability to go back to the wrong foundations that has been laid, pull them down & lay proper ones.

For those of us who watch these things either alone or together, I always wonder why we often do it secretly if its something to be proud of. Also, have we thought of the Impact that these things can have on the kids, don’t deceive yourself that they won’t find out, they eventually will, believe me & then their lives too become ruined at such tender ages creating a vicious circle of corruption.
Pornography is a Trojan horse, it comes nicely wrapped in attractive covers but inside lies the destruction of whoever gets caught in its web. PORNOGRAPHY IS A RAPE OF THE INVIDUAL’S PSYCH & MIND & unfortunately the same individual even pays porno for the violation it inflicts. So sad & pathetic.

Like I always say in our midst, it is God who created marriage & love making and our sexuality as singles, therefore any thing that you need to learn about his product can be found in the Manual which is the word of God, How many porno did Adam, or Abraham or Isaac or David or Solomon, (the ladies man) or peter watch before sleeping with their wives. Yes I know that Abraham, David etc didn’t equally ride Limos but we ride them now abi? (I’m too blunt and real not to face that twist, lollll, you know me now) I agree, progress & technology is good & must be used but only if the advantages outweighs the disadvantages & it doesn’t make a mockery of God & his counsels for us. Do not be deceived, PORNOGRAPHY is THE DEVIL’s TROJAN HORSE with the sole purpose of Aborting the destiny of those who indulge in it, it may not happen immediately but it will happen eventually.

As usual, I apologise again if in anyway my presentation has offended anyone or stepped on any toes, sending kisses to sooth such hurts. SHALLOM.
I also know that actually, it’s singes that watch porno mostly, especially guys, ladies too. We use it to relieve sexual tension. But it will ruin you eventually and your marriage too. Break free from it. If you need help? Seek it.
Adetutu Osofowora.

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