I felt the heat of the iron on my skin and I yelled in pain.
“Shut up you bitch!”, he yelled in some kind of unison.
He has lost every bit of human feelings. He didn’t care about my bleeding head. His insides screamed louder than my cries…
“Torture her! She deserves it!”.
I shrieked in pain!
I cried until I had lost my voice.
I couldn’t see his face; everywhere was covered with a blanket of thick darkness.

I could only hear his deep groans; like that of a beast from the wolves clan.
“What have I done?”
“When would I be free from all these?”
I mumbled silently.
That instant I heard his footsteps. He was coming closer to my cage.
I held my heart in my hands. I held it firmly; ready for whatever wickedness he is set to unleash!
“If I die…I die!”
“If I perish… I perish!”
I was ready for the worse but the worse was yet to come.

“Fool!”, he cursed.
“You are mine forever! I love to see you suffer in pain. Your bleeding head turns me on. Your smell of sweat mixed with blood is my favorite perfume”.
” He smells horrible”, I said in my heart. And then I became conscious of my stench. I smelt just like him.
“Ah!”, I cried; not because of his threat and words but because a part of him was beginning to grow in me. His stench was becoming my cologne.
“No one can save you from my grip except the boss though”, he continued.

“The boss! Who could that be?”, I thought.
Perceiving my thoughts, he groaned in anger.
“I hate him! He prides himself as superior! I offered him estates and properties yet he refused. I can’t touch him. He is too clean but I would pierce deep into his heart by caging the ones he loves forever! Hahahahahahahaha”, he laughed loudly.
I was shaken to my bones. I wished the boss could come to my rescue. The one who has held me hostage, I couldn’t see his face. Everywhere was dark; so dark!

My thoughts were interrupted by a thunderous slap!
“Now lie down, let us consummate our union!”
“Please forgive me sir. You don’t have to do this”. I pleaded but he pushed me. It was a bed made of thorns. I felt the roughness of his skin. He felt horrible.
It seemed all hope was lost. He was going to have his way into me but….
There came the boss!
With a ray of light and fire in his eyes. The darkness went into extinction and my jailer fell on his feet. He bowed in homage to the boss.
The boss was beautifully handsome with an enchanting smile. He handed me a bunch of keys and a chain.
I chained him down. I chained my jailer with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart.

“Shall the captive be taken away from the mighty?”
“Or the lawful captive delivered?”
“But thus saith the Lord….”
Those were spoken words of angels immersed in slow hymns of gyration.
It came from the light.
The boss embraced me. I was locked up in his gentle squeeze. I saw his hands were bandaged. I wondered what accident he was involved in.
He unwrapped the bandages from his hands and dressed my wounds. I saw a hole deep inside his palms. It must have hurt him badly.
I looked at the horrible face of my jailer.
Locked up in chains,
his knees pinned on the ground,
his face squeezed in anger and regret…

He tried to say a word to me…
Probably unleash his hateful threats but I commanded him!
“Keep mute Loser and get behind me Satan!”
“I might be in bandages but my soul has found rest”.
“I am no longer in captivity; I am with the boss now!”
“No more a slave; I am the queen around here…”
“You remain the battered one!”

Source: VeeJay Writes

Photo Credit: Sir Nathaniel Stephen

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