7 Things A Pastor Must Not Do

Evang. Dr. Gospel Agochukwu JP.
Evang. Dr. Gospel Agochukwu JP.

Pastors are prone to sin. In fact, the devil often pursues pastors harder, because he knows that their downfall makes a big mess. The wake of a fallen pastor is littered with the debris of shattered expectations, disillusioned saints, and disappointed disciples. The world notices, watches, and mocks the Christian faith. Jesus is despised because his followers sin.

It’s time for pastors to take their calling seriously. Here are seven things that a pastor should never do.

Don’t borrow money from your followers no matter the condition except it’s your only option and Please pay back as agreed

Don’t eat in your follower’s houses no matter How hungry you are, because you may never recover from it

Don’t involve in sexual activities with your followers because it’s the beginning of familiarity and disobedience, no matter what you do they will not be loyal and even if they do, they will be causing trouble in your ministry even between you and your spouse.

Don’t allow all your followers into your private residence, lot of them will not understand what you went through to achieve the things you have, they may think you have eaten their tithes and offerings. Besides some people can’t handle closeness.

Don’t use money or material possessions to elect or appoint anyone into office, let them labour for it. Most members don’t value leaders who make leadership positions easy for them. Most workers who controls their leaders does so because they felt it was their money you are looking for.

Don’t think your followers will stay forever because of what you are doing for them. They followed Jesus because of bread and fish, not because of Grace and conviction. They will eat your money and still leave you. Just help them for God’s sake and move on.

Don’t spend time with your followers than you spend with God, because the day you stop manifest Grace beyond what they are used to, they will look for another pastor. Stay with God more than you stay with them.


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