Evangelist Prince Ekeke
Evangelist Prince Ekeke

How are you able to do this and still be comfortable? Because the last time and even now you claim you are a child of God, so I want to know how you were able to bless God with your mouth and curse men with the same mouth.
There with bless we God, even the father; and therewith curse we men; which are made after the similitude of God.
Out of the same mouth proceeding blessings and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.
Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter water?
James 3:9-11

How do you manage to speak in tongues and still lie, fornicate, steal, cheat, hold grudges, promote wickedness. Many but to mention this few, please how do you manage to do that?
Or has the God of yesterday repent from being the God of today? I’m still confused how and where this generation is heading to.

There’s no generation that pray like ours, yet there’s no generation that is full of HYPOCRISY like ours. As you are reading this post some people are somewhere dying in the altar of prayer, yet the kind of sin we see today is on the increase because after the prayer and blasting of tongues we still go back to lie, fornicate, cheat, and all sort of abominable things. Please answer this question how do you manage to combine the two together and still say you are a child of God.

Many people frustration begins with their insincerity to God, you need to know where you belong to. Don’t say you love God when you don’t mean it. Now answer this question. are you a child of God? If you don’t know, that means you are not. because he said “his spirit will bear witness with our spirit that we are his children” Romans 8:16

Music minister, how do you bless God and try to worship and please him with your spiritual songs and still use same mouth to sing those circular songs that promote ungodliness, how do you make that happened?
The house of God today has become too comfortable for sinners. LISTEN God cannot be deceive, whatever man sows same shall he reap. Galatians 6:7
Therefore let our mind be fix on the author and finisher of our faith, because except he beckons on you you cannot know him. He said shall by strength no man prevail
1Samuel 2:9

Oh fountain of life, by your spirit we have found that path that lead to ancient north gate! We ask thee that you grants us the discernment and perception we need in our daily walk with you, so we don’t labour like fools!

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