They Mocked Jesus “He Helped Others But Cannot Help Himself!” Same Was True For Dr. Ukpai.

Dr Uma Ukpai
Dr Uma Ukpai

Once while preaching in the USA, he had built up so much reputation for miracles that a certain Nigerian immigrant in the USA flew a long distance to be in the meeting. She was able to see the man of God face to face. Uma found out she’d been told she couldn’t have a child. it was medically impossible! “Are you born again?” The woman affirmed. “Well, in Jesus name you’ll have a child!” ‘Amen’ said the woman. Uma wanted to know if there was anything else. “

No. But you haven’t prayed” ‘Do you want prayers or you want a child? ‘ She began to grumbled “I flew a long distance to come here. At least pray for me!’ Hahaha! Would you just imagine Namaan mumbling “I thought he’d have waved his hand over the leper and call loudly upon his God…but go and dip seven times in the Jordan! What a let down!” This woman was so mad at Rev Uma not praying for her that the man of God said “Alright!” But he didn’t pray

He said “You’ll have more children than you can handle!” Then he walked away. The woman didn’t bother to attend the meeting. She flew right back to her state. But her husband would not let the matter drop “What did the man of God say?” In anger she finally shouted “Don’t ever mention Uma Ukpai or any preacher to me again!!!”

Well she got pregnant and had a set of triplets. Then with her triplets still sucking, before her cycle was restored, she got pregnant again and before her triplets clocked one year, she had a set of twins. Then she took in same way and had another set of triplets about a year later! in three years she had 8 babies! Believe it or not, she flew again but this time to Uyo to beg Uma Ukpai. “Tell God I have gotten His point. I don’t want any more babies!”.

But Uma’s two oldest children drowned on the way to a crusade. Prayers to revive them wasn’t answered. He still had the crusade doing the preaching and praying himself. Many miracles happened.
His next child was cripple. He stayed that way until about 3 years of age. The nurses that took his delivery started to mock. Dr. Uma began to sing praises and even composed a new song as a result and while he was praising God, the crippled child began to walk for the first time.

Dr. Uma Ukpai may be practically unknown in some parts but it was his crusade in Lagos in 1985 that led to the formation of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). He was born in January 1945. He lost his father as a little boy and got born again at age 13. Even then he knew he was to be a preacher. In fact he was one of three boys the governor of the Eastern Region (of old) called during a visit to his school to ask what they would like to become in future.

Previous boys had said a medical director and lawyer respectively but Uma said he’d be a preacher. His family felt shamed and angry! They felt he might have had a scholarship if he hadn’t spoken foolishly!
Today, the primary school he attended is named after him! Yet, he has had real tragedies in the course of his life.

Let me quote him here “I was fasting for seven days when a man saw me and stopped me and said you are
going to be a preacher, you are going to have eight children but two will die in a motor
accident, you will go as far as building schools and you will cross all the continents of the
Two months before I lost my two children in an accident, God has spoken to
me. God had told me on that day, “Uma I won’t answer your prayers. I want to test you and
know how much you love me.” As early as 5.00 a.m. that morning, armed robbers came to my
office and removed all my office equipment and God said I should forgive them.

My driver
carrying my children and a cousin drove into a river. I attempted to bring the children out,
not knowing that my wife also jumped into the river behind me and water carried her,
threw her up six times. It was at the seventh time that somebody called my attention to
I used one hand to swim and the other to hold her and brought her to shore. I
rescued the children later. They had died. because a child stays under water only for
two minutes. I put them in a car to pray for them, but an oncoming car from the opposite
direction drove into the car and smashed it. The bumper flew out, the bonnet flew out. I
stopped and I was pacing up and down, not knowing what to do next.

Just then, somebody ran to me, grabbed me and said my 50-sitter bus carrying my band had
caught fire. He was not sure how many people died in the accident. I was composed
because God had warned me. I didn’t make those children. God gave them to me.
Our problem is greed to hold on to those things we have. Even pastors go about talking about
their churches; no pastor has a church. They all belong to God.”

I must state that apart from zeal for evangelism and outreaches, Rev. Uma was given to fasting. In Greater Lagos for Christ crusade 1985, he fasted for 30 days and during his sermon and prayers in the crusade, he fainted! While he was being carried out of the crusade, mighty miracles we’re happening everywhere! He paid a dear price for the anointing he enjoys.

Let me close tonight with a telling incident. Uma Ukpai several years ago was scheduled to preach in Abuja and Ghana same day. By the time he arrived Accra that night, he was exhausted. Apologising briefly he preached a short sermon and lead hundreds to Christ. Then he turned the meeting over promising to pray for the sick next day.

The host pastor was displeased. From backstage in his car he overheard the host pastor and asked his driver to stop. “Our guest evangelist is tired” the host pastor had said “but Jesus is not tired and he will heal you tonight!” the people responded with a hearty amen! Then the pastor prayed his heart out. But nothing noticeably miraculous happened.

Uma walked slowly back up the stage. He took the microphone. The pastor was urging anyone with a miracle to come forward. None had responded yet. So Rev Uma said “Brother, we are equal in fellowship but we are not equal in the anointing. Count for me God will heal at least a hundred cases of cancer now?” Then facing the crowd, he cried “Thou power of God, mooooooooove!” And cancers were disappearing left right and center. People were hearing who were deaf and cripples were rising over that one prayer!

God bless you

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