I write this to encourage many of us that are currently waiting on God for one thing or the other.
I write this to those who are almost getting wearied because the fulfilment of the promises seems not to be coming.
I write this to those who have had to turn down seemingly better offers simply because they are holding on to a word the Lord had given them.

I write this to those who have been pressed almost on every sides by family and friends to hasten up and show forth results.

Listen Sir,
The best of God is gotten in the place of waiting.
When a man is walking with God, he does not gets anxious; this is because God does not walk faster, He walks on time.
The best wine is still the one that God brings forth from ordinary water at the late hour.
When pressure seems to be coming from every sides, it’s a sign that the WAIT is almost over; don’t give in for the second option.

It is taking too much time because; It takes time to make something great.
What God intends to give is something that will challenge everyone and will make them believe in your God.
When the delivery eventually comes, you will realize that it worth the wait.
One important thing though;
As you wait, don’t stop asking God what you should be doing in your period of waiting.

Waiting is not wasting, if your waiting is unto the Lord.
The single reason some of us are still waiting is because God is waiting for us to fix some things, whereas we are waiting for him to bring the PROMISED.

Dear waiter,
Don’t stop believing God, don’t stop trusting God. Your miracle is closer than you think.

©The Diary of a Young Christian…

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