“YOU ARE A BAD ACTOR…!” – Evangelist Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye
Evangelist Mike Bamiloye

You are a bad Actor!
A Nonsense Actor!
You are just Distracting the rest of us on Stage!
And You are successfully confusing the Audience who have come to be blessed!
You are a Bad Actor!
A Nonsense Actor!
You came on Stage acting another thing that is not in your Original Script!
You begin to Start to Try to Impress the Confusing Audience with your Unscripted Acts.
You are Acting the Script the Writer has not written.
You are Acting the way the Director has not Directed you.
You forgot that all your Roles on Stage are interwoven to other Actors’ Roles on Stage.

You came on Stage at the right time, but you are saying what the Writer has not written,
The Executive Producer who is bankrolling all these Shows is getting Seriously Embarrassed at your seriously Embarrassing Acts on Stage.
The Audience are getting confused.
The Audience are getting irritated.
The Audience are getting distracted by your Distracting actions on stage.
Eh! Bro, you are going off the Script.
You are standing up when you are supposed to sit down!
You are Sitting Down when you are supposed to Stand up.

You are not supposed to carry the file you just carried.
You have confused the Actor who is to pick up the file from the table.
You just sat down eating with the Chairman who was to eat alone before his wife enters the stage.
She enters the stage and met you sitting in her place eating.
She didn’t know what to do before the audience, she was beckoned from the left wing by the Director to leave the Stage so as to think of how to correct you.

That is how your Nonsense Roles has made some others leave before their time.
Your Actions killed their Visions
You know what the Director did?
He created another emergency scene where he sent the security guards of the Chairman to flog you out of the stage.
And you know what?
The Audience clapped with excitement because they thought it was part of the show!
Stick to your Roles.

Stick to the Original Script of your Ministry!
Stop Confusing the Audience and
Stop Distracting the rest of us Acting on Ministerial Stage of Life.
The Executive Producer is already making frantic Calls to the Director at Backstage, to look for the Standby Actor to take your Roles.
The Executive Director is calling on the Director to get ready to create an emergencyScene of chasing you out of the Stage and the Audience would still Applaud with Excitement, thinking it is still part of the Shows.

Stick to your Calling!
Stick to your Visions!
Stick to your Mandate!
Stop crossing the Lane!
Stop Distracting us !
Avoid Being Called To the Backstage earlier while the Show is still on.
The Audience would think it is still part of the Show if you are beaten on stage and carried out by Security Guards.
They will still Applaud!
What I am I even writing sef?
Does all these make any Sense?

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