So this particular day, I was on my way going to the supermarket when i walked pass this nice boutique. So i saw this beautiful purple gown that was on display in the showcase outside the shop that really caught my attention.
So i immediately turned back went to the boutique to check the clothes there, not because I had money o . I just went there for sight seeing.
“How much is it madam?” I asked.
“Its just 2500” she replied ..

As I was trying to bit down the price with her. Suddenly this fair skinned lady entered the shop called the name of a particular gown and the woman had to enter the store to get it out. Surprisingly, it was even finer than the one I was pricing.

“How much is it Ma?” the fair skinned lady asked
“My dear the price is written there, I thought you know about the gown before you asked of it” the woman replied
“Oh its 45,000. Madam send me your account details, let me make a transfer” the fair lady said.

I paused and watched the both of them as they conversed.
Then when the young lady left. I turned to the madam and asked her
“Madam why did you keep that kind of fine gown inside na?”
She then told me Gowns like this are not the type to be kept outside, its only one who knows the value of it that buys it. The quality of the gown is not a gown for everybody. As you can see the young lady did not even bit the price down when she saw it, because there was an already fixed price on the gown.

Dearly Beloved…..
You cannot fix your price like that on the show case and only be expecting to be priced by serious buyers….
When you add value to your life as a woman, only serious minded people become attracted to you.
What I see most people trying to do, is to make their self available to everybody and in the process reduce their value.

Which is not supposed to be so
My friend will say.. “You are not jollof rice, you cannot be pleasing everybody. In fact even if you are jollof rice, most people will stil complain saying they prefer fried rice to it”
See ehn don’t bring down your standard value or worth for anyone.

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”
The right person who will value all deposited by God in you shall come to your life. He shall not only see you as a friend but also as his answered prayer.

Listen, You weren’t rejected
God hid your value from them because they were not assigned for your destiny.,
Let me end here with this quote
“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

Written by Godly Descent

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