We Will Wait In Prayer

I have been thinking about the life of the prophet and ministers of old,something keep striking me how were they able to do it,that a man could stay In a room no sun no rain for a whole week without food or water some of them for a whole month,
It’s was told that Apostle Ayo Babalola could pray consistently for seven days because the spirit of God carried him in the spirit.
I want to ask how is this possible wait didn’t Jesus died for us what did they had and know that we don’t that a man could pray consistently for that long.
Should we talk about Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa Who where ever He goes miracle must happen,A man who will lock his door and give the wife the key and say don’t open this door till after seven days or 21 days He will stay there and be crying oh Lord give me power,wait a man who just raised the dead will lock up himself for days,
Wait a man who just stoped witches from entering Nigeria and having meeting in Benin City.
Will lock himself indoors crying for days arrrh,why did this men know.
Should we talk about Paul of the apostle who could cast our demon with his cloth
At the end said that I may know him aha what did he want to know again,kai My heart cries for revival,
Moses in the Bible was hearing God like a man hears his friend when He speak and still yet He said I want to see You,Moses saw God.
See sir I want to ask what happened to you that before you were burning for God but now you struggling when you should be deeper into God.
See sir I want to ask you what happened to your prayer alter that use to be on fire every time but now it’s no where to be found.
See sir you normally do evangelism every week constantly what happen to you now.
Ahhhh cry For a Revival
My Generation needs me arrrh
My family needs me arrrh my school needs me,
How can I stay and sinners are not afraid of committing sin at my front.
Were we not told we reflect Him as in a glass,
How can I carry light and darkness still stay,
Was it not told that I carry fire of God.
How come I carry fire but can’t manifest fire,
We are in a generation of where minister after opening blind eyes go and rest they no more pray like before because they think the have arrived,
Father show me
When other people are wasting time I don’t want to also waste time,
Someone should help me ask the man who prayed till rain till rain stop falling in the country for years.
What did they know Oh Lord create in me a vessel of war arrrh that I will be able to make war and stop war to defeat the devil,
Arrrh I have vowed that not in my Generation from today will they say where is God,
I have vowed that where ever I Go men must feel the thickness of his power
Arrrh not in my days will they say there is no God
I will show them Jesus is still alive.
Arrrh Give me revival or I die,
Oh Lord throw me in the prayer room lock the door and throw the key away.
Father I might not have enough words to say my heart but Father look at my heart
There is a passion calling you there,
There is a desperation calling you there
I can’t die as an ordinary Christian
I can’t die as a Christian who will go to a place and men will be insulting God,
I won’t die as a man who didn’t make impact.
I refuse to serve my Generation an undone food,
Cook me kill me and mound me till I am done until you are through with me don’t stop dealing with me,
We will wait in prayer we won’t rush out until you are done.we will wait in prayer
Enough of this shallowness
Enough Enough of the deceiving
A lot of people think you are burning when you are dying secretly in porn and masturbation,
Enough Enough cry to God to help you
Will you still continue like this while men are dying going to hell
Will your life continue like this when your generation needs you,
Are you not tired of saying May his perfect soul Rest In Peace when you can actually say come back to life.
Are you not tired of say it’s a curse that he’s mad instead of saying be healed in Jesus name
Arr Daddy see me
See me See me
I can’t die struggling in sin.
Kai oh Lord save me for impacts.
I can’t die in one circle
A cry for the church to arise in God.

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