“We Must Fuse Into That Realm” – Apostle Michael Orokpo

Apostle Michael Orokpo
Apostle Michael Orokpo

Our burden is not to gather people, our burden is to cause people to translate into that realm because we can be one million but only three will touch that realm.
The Stature of the fellowship is not in the number, it’s how many who are transported and if you have this understanding, when you come to the fellowship your burden is that you see him who is invisible because you have wasted your time if you are not translated.

There are many mountains, it’s about many ascensions, it’s about translations, it’s about transfigurations to heighten up, to climb the hills of Zion. Because what you command in the natural is not a function of how much you know, it’s a function of the height that you gave attained. It’s a participation with the realm beyond time.

This is why we are many but our number counts for nothing. Our demographic have no power.
If they bring hundred mad people to this state, the state will turn upside down but it’s a shame that there are over ten million christians and nothing is happening, it means that number doesn’t count.

If you bring twenty boko haram members to this place, all of you will run ; the rumor that twenty boko haram is here alone, you will park the next day and if you argue it, in one week you’ll see the impact of their arrival because they’re agents of a kingdom in darkness but you have five hundred thousand christians and our brag is our physical number that counts for nothing and it’s a pity that you’re part of that number and you’re comfortable. So when the apostolic comes, it brings a burden to you and you refuse to be part of a number that counts for nothing.

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