Misplaced Identities!

Misplaced Identities!
Misplaced Identities!

Growing up, I struggled with finding my true identity though knowing God at a young age yet I wasn’t sure of who I was.
As a teenage girl I wanted to feel among, so I was found among the wrong association and just then I had to hide my identity as a Christian, I wanted to be a mixture of Priscilla Shirrer and Kim Kadarshian
I found myself in the wrong environment with the wrong association and doing the wrong things.

No doubts I wanted to serve God but I struggled because my identity was misplaced! I wanted to please God and man, I wanted to be God’s child and still behave like the world.
It is impossible to please God and man, this is why so many of us have misplaced identities.

You want to be sister Grace and Sexy Grace how!?? sis it is not possible o you have to choose one please!
If you are a child of God then be a child of God, I wonder why so many of us are ashamed to tell everyone they are serving God.
When you are found in the wrong place and with the wrong association you will definitely be ashamed to show who you truly are!

When I found my identity, I decided to shout it, show it, act it, dress it, talk it, I lost a lot of friends but I cared less because I knew who I was!
Do you know who you are?
Do you know where you are from?
Sis, you are saved by God, redeemed by his blood and made in His likeness!
We are from the Kingdom!
We talk like Kingdom people!
We act like kingdom people!
How do we even spread the gospel with power and authority when we don’t know we have been given power through Jesus?

How do you speak boldly to someone about salvation when you are not even sure of your identity in Christ?
How can you boldly cast a demon out or heal a sick person when you are not confident enough or believe you can with God?
It is until you understand your identity, you may never be able to reach certain heights or achieve those things God have called you for!
Do you know your identity in Christ?
Blessed, saved, redeemed, made for a purpose. Favored and full of power. Seated in heavenly places, above principalities!
When you eventually find your identity in Christ please stand for it! It is worth everything

©With Love, The Journey of A Christian Lady

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