They chased JOHN WESLEY out of the city, he went to his father’s grave and started preaching… And 7 thousand people left the same city to go and listen to him at his Father’s grave.
When they asked him, “how come we chased you from the city and people still followed you to your father’s grave”
He said; “I don’t know how they come, but one thing I know is that I SET MYSELF ON FIRE, and people gather to see me BURNING”

A sister once asked me “Sir, I belong to a unit in my local church… I’ve been praying for REVIVAL but still nothing has happened… Sir, what are we not doing right?”
I simply replied her…. “Sis, REVIVAL BEGINS WITH YOU… If you can set yourself on FIRE others will contact it”
Check every REVIVAL you know in History most of them began with a Man… Just one man or woman who agreed to yield to burden and pay the price of alignment at the altar of consistent Prayers….

The AZUSA street Revival began with William J. Seymour… This man prayed 7 hours daily for about 3 years before the Revival that shook the world came.
The WELSH Revival began with a teenage boy ‘EVANS ROBERT’ … This young man could pray for 4 hours everyday and even more… History tells it that he was also a Word addict. He prayed until he saw a hand stretched over Wales.

Let’s come back to Nigeria… The Revival in the 1930’s began with a man called Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola. A man who could embark on a 40 day dry fast successfully… It was recorded that he could pray for 72 hours non stop.
Listen, it was the prayers of that man that the Church in Nigeria is enjoying today.

At a time he said; “The prayers I’ve made is enough to liberate both Nigeria and the whole of Africa.
If there’s a man to pray, there’s a God to Answer…
Why complaining that there’s no revival in your local church when you’re there?
Please go and set yourself on Fire…
The fire that consumed a whole forest was ignited by just a single Match stick.
Please why not go on your knees and cry; “Oh Lord, Set me on Fire…”

©Uche De Beloved.

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