Apostle Arome Osayi

I can’t find Him in our Denominational Sermons…
Our Evangelism has shifted from Soul winning to Church Advertisement.
Our Church Banners and Posters are everywhere… While the Banner of Christ is no where to be found in our territories.
Our Major Concern is how our Church will become Popular… We are no more concerned with how to make Jesus go Viral.

My heart bleeds when I see that many Churches in Nigeria are gradually acquiring the attributes of a CULT;
When a Soul leaves Church “A” and join Church “B”. Church “B” will be happy that they’ve won a Soul while Church “A” is crying that they’ve lost a soul.
Meanwhile heaven only rejoices when a SINNER comes to Christ not when a SAINT Changes his place of Worship.

When they come to our Church we welcome them with Coke and Fanta… And without any Discipleship training, we immediately trap them down with church Positions so that they’ll have no other choice than to continue with our denomination.
Because of fat envelopes we’ve started making Politicians Chairmen of our Thanks Giving.
We are not interested in their Spiritual Growth we are only concerned with our Numerical Growth.

We stop our members from attending external Programs that will help their spiritual lives…
We advice then to marry from our denomination… And if they refuse we threaten them with Suspension.
When anyone finally leaves, we are told to avoid them… they are Backsliders.

Backsliding is not when someone left your Church (denomination)
Backsliding is when a soul left Christ.
The Nigerian Church has wasted a lot of Heavens investment…
Instead of raising DISCIPLES we are busy raising FOLLOWERS.
And that’s why we believe more in the MAN of GOD more than the GOD of the MAN.
We’re here competing with each other while the Children of Ishmael are busy gaining Ground and taking territories… without Crusades
Since I was born, and now I’m getting Old… I’ve never seen two MOSQUES Facing each other.

Jesus is missing… I can’t find him in our denominational sermons… our messages are now centered on Materialism and Churchism.
Our messages today is not rich enough to produce true Disciples that can represent the Kingdom anywhere anytime.
If you love the Church please go on your Kneels and Cry for her…
Matthew 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem… how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
I write as one who have obtained Mercy from the Lord to be a SCRIBE.
This message is born out of Love for the Body of Christ
May God deliver His Church….

©Uche De Beloved

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