A beloved brother once recounted an incidence that happened while he was coming back from an occasion he went for.
He wanted to take a cab to the place he was going, for reasons best known to him. He stood at the road for close to an hour, waiting to get a cab.
While he was at the road waiting, several motorcycles passed before him, going to the same direction he was going, but he would not patronize them because he only wanted a Taxi.

He remained there for a long time until he decided to go for the option of a “motorcycle”. The first man he stopped, waited and took him straight to the place he was heading to.
The motorcyclist was faster and eventually took lesser price compare to the “cab” that he had been waiting for.
This is an exact picture of many people’s life. Many claim to be waiting on God but they are looking at the wrong direction.

Many are waiting because they have not gotten the exact picture of what they had desired in their hearts.
Just like the brother we spoke about, many are still waiting while the real option has been close to them.
Sometimes, we wait for long because we wait for the option that God did not promise. In such situation, you are not waiting on God, you are waiting on yourself.

In other times, we wait for long because we wait looking at the wrong direction.
Maybe why you’re still single and waiting is because you are desperately waiting for you own kind of man, while many potential men pass you by.
Maybe you are not suppose to marry a doctor but you are very determined to keep waiting until you get to marry a doctor.

What about those who are waiting for a particular brother or sister whom God never promised them?
S/he has been your crush for a long time and has consequently obstructed you from seeing anything good in any other man that comes your way.
Stop waiting for a man or woman that God didn’t promise; God does not give what He does not promise.

I know that you’re are very determined to study Law in school but have you bothered to even ask God why you seem not to get admitted to study law? Maybe law is not His option for you; just maybe.
Let’s not even talk about graduates who are still Job seekers, not because they didn’t get any job but because they are bent on working where they’ll get paid in six digits.
What if God wanted you to accept that teaching Job as a start?

What if the option you have been rejecting is the only path that leads to the destination you desire?
You know one thing?
You will never get to see or enjoy opportunities that come in unattractive covers if you’re only determined to get them in the format you desire.

I beseech you to prayerfully reconsider your options.
This may not be applicable to everyone but if you know that God is speaking to you, please make necessary amendments…

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