While we are praying “GIVE US REVIVAL OR WE DIE”
The Lord ministered to me and said: “Son, you’ll have to DIE before I give you REVIVAL”
FIRE does not fall on Fresh Woods, Fire only falls on Dead and Dry woods.
If you must carry the Revival Fire, then you must be ready to offer yourself as a living Sacrifice.
Romans 12:1 “…that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God…”
A living Sacrifice is one who is ALIVE but DEAD to Sin

But there are two deaths involved; Death to SIN and Death to Mr. SELF.
You can die to sin with just a single encounter with the Cross but dying to Mr Self is a gradual process.
Apostle Paul died to Sin when he said; “…I AM CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST…” it was at this point that he stopped struggling with sin. He became free from the power of sin.
But where Apostle Paul said: “I DIE DAILY” (1 Cor 15:30) he was talking about his death to Mr SELF.
When we talk about Mr. SELF I’m talking about the human nature.
There are things that are natural or normal, they are not sinful…But if you’re really hungry for REVIVAL then you must be ready to deny yourself those things.

It’s normal and natural to eat food…but if you’re really hungry for Revival, you must be ready to abstain from food for a while
It’s good to sleep for 8 hours daily…But men who are hungry for Revival Travails while others are sleeping.
It’s not a Sin to watch the latest MOVIE, but if you must experience the latest MOVE of God, then you must be ready to give up Movies for Deep Studies and prayers.
Before God will send us that Revival we’ve always prayed and cried for, then we must be ready to pay the prize.

Some of us will have to lose our Isaac at the Altar of Sacrifice.
Revival is not Cheap…You must be ready to deny yourselves lots of PLEASURES.
In this Kingdom, The level to which you’ve denied yourself PLEASURES is the level to which you’ll carry TREASURES.

Why not pray to God and say; “Lord, give me the Grace to live above PLEASURES, help me to overcome myself…”

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