But as soon as Zion travails she shall put forth….
Ayahh …. The season of manifestation is here but we need to still travail to push it forth…..
The heaviness of your groaning depends on how much burden you’re carrying….
I am tired of seeing ladies who wants bone straight hairs when their bones are not straight in the Spirit….

Enough of men wallowing away in vodka when they can get drunk in Godka……
When you see a man in pain his groaning sounds different….
Watchmen don’t be tired… Press more….
Push until something is birthed….
There are Portals that needs to be activated…..
Gates that needs to be lifted….

But sacrifices are needed to be made on the altar of prayer….
GATEKEEPERS now is not the time to doze off, now is not the time to lose guard….
kai, now is not the time to leave your duty post…..
Can we mount our gate post and begin to command channels to be open……
The manifestation of the sons and daughters of God is now…. Enough of the waiting
But there’s the need for that extra oil…..
Continue to travail……

Let the pains of groaning be felt and heard in heaven…..
That we will groan, chant, press, until a visible revival is felt….
So we will groan in the Spirit like drunk men and women……

We Groan to build Capacity…..
We Groan to draw strength…..
We Groan to activate dimensions….
We Groan to build stamina……
We Groan to pull down Strong hold…..

I don’t know what pain you are feeling, what burden you are carrying…..
Are you tired of seeing more churches rising and lesser impact….
Are you hungry to see a generation burning for God…..
Kai Holy Ghost please don’t let me be normal…

While others party on heels, i want to war on my knees
My people are waiting for me
I must get baked in my secret place.
When my name is called I must have something to offer.
I refuse to be speechless
Ahh Jesus I will bring you nations oooo
Jesus oo I will make you smile.
People will hunger for you.

While others discuss parties to attend, we discuss battles to be won .
While others use 25,000 for the latest brazillaian hair. We sow seeds to the kingdom
Hey you may think we are not okay, we are ooo…..
Its just that there is a hunger that we refuse to get satisfied from..
It’s a hunger to Dominate Territories
No wonder the bible calls us, A city set upon a hill

While others get drunk with Vodka, we get drunk with Godka
While others discuss things of the world, we discuss dominion of territory..
Ahh I refuse to fail my generation.
When my name is being called…. A five minute speech will not be made of me.
When a revival is being called I will not find my self rocking in parties.
I die to self until there is none of me left.
While others think of how to spend their wedding night, we think of how the journey begins to chase 10,000 together.

Our children will not be left out. Did I just say children… I mean our nations will not be left out. We will not only bear children but nations.
I cannot be twerking when the devil is wrecking souls
I refuse to get guys arose when the Holy spirit needs me to sets nations on fire
They call us “Old school ” “holy holy”.. Ahh we agree oo. Because dead men don’t talk.

The only way we express our joy is to speak in unknown tongues of men for we do not talk to mortals but to God.
You may not understand us
Because we do not come from the same lineage.
We don’t come from the same descendants as you.
We are from a Godly Descendants

Revive our heart, oh Lord!

I see a generation hungry and passionate to work for God. I see a generation desired to be used by God
But they are not ready to die. They are not ready to be broken and fixed by God.
Babies in the Lord who have not gotten stamina have started talking about realms and portals
God anointing you is not the problem, but the problem is how long will the ANOINTING last?

Anointing without character is disaster
You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is to carry your phone instead of Bible.
So addicted to phone but very far from the secret place, yet you want to carry power
Everybody is busy shouting “GIVE ME FIRE OR I DIE” but few are ready to die to flesh
We are all busy crying for the END TIME REVIVAL but our lives are void of righteousness

You are still swimming in the ocean of pornography,masturbation and fornication yet you cover up with TONGUES?
I know you are not hearing this for the first time, but don’t ask for fire if you are still in Sabo
If that fire you’re asking for now falls on FLESH, it might kill you, die first
Go and die first, there is glory in death!

Only the dead can carry and sustain anointing
Even Jesus our Lord couldn’t fulfill His Destiny and Ministry properly until he died and resurrected the third day..
You see anointing? Anointing has a voice which only the dead men can understand

Shalom !

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