The Toxic Partner

Toxic partner

Few weeks ago, I saw a lady that was flogged by her supposed fiancé! For what? She had marks and injuries all over her body, yet wasn’t ready to leave the relationship.
I don’t want to scream too much on this but I will keep saying this “That toxic relationship is not for you my dear”

You should not be treated like trash, you should not be treated with no value, you deserve better than this, sis!
I will never encourage a toxic relationship with the reason of “He will change” “He is angry” Sis, if someone can be bold enough to slap you especially when he is unmarried to you, Please run for your life.

This doesn’t mean you should be slapped in marriage, which is why you must pray for someone who truly loves and fears God. If you find yourself married to a toxic partner, then take a break, talk to someone and pray about it.

We don’t want to hear ” I wish I had known” by praying earnestly for a partner that knows God and refusing to settle for just anyone!

For people who say they like men who are a little violent. Please come close let me lay hands on you
Sis, that beautiful face should not be tampered with! You are God’s image, you deserve the best!

Meanwhile, don’t be the toxic partner! Be a solution not a problem

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