There was a time in one of our lectures in the university 200 level second semester at NOUN where by around 2:00pm as we came back from break,normally am a quiet type in the university so I don’t go out for break or talk to anyone apart from my books hahaha,so one of the ladies came into the class after the break she wanted to sit on her chair but it was dirty so she told me to help her with my handkerchief I looked at her because that handkerchief is my mantle so I told her ma you won’t like what will happen ooH if I give you this handkerchief she looked at me and said please just help me let me use it,so she collected the handkerchief and as she was going to her chair she fell down and was vibrating on the floor everyone rushed to her and some was saying pour her water,some was panting I stayed at my seat and started smiling they looked at me and said what’s funny I just stood up and took my handkerchief and went back one minutes after some seconds she stood up,she started crying then she said to me are you a pastor.

My reply was Am not a pastor,She said but you are always quiet in this class you hardly talk,so you are a pastor.smiles I told her I am a Christian so I must carry Jesus in me.she said indeed but sir help me I have convulsion right from birth I prayed for her,till date that spirit returned for life,from that day till now am known as pastor in the whole faculty.

Sir it’s takes result to cancel insult.
I don’t know but you have been shouting I am saved sir am here to ask you where is your results,
How can you preach repent and The person is sick you can’t heal
Repent and the person is lame you can’t heal
Repent and He’s blind you can’t heal
The Bible said they went about preaching the gospel healing all that were oppressed.
See sir when I gave my life to Christ I was young then but I told Myself the devil will never make a mess of me,I told God that I will make a mess of the devil.

I told God because then I had this revelation of standing in front of crowd preaching with power so I told God if He wants to give me power I don’t want the kind of power that the devil will use me and learn work,I want power.
So I had to cook myself In prayers little by little till I entered deep and deep I was digging deep in God for month
in the bush by evening time,at the toilet at the mountain,I kept saying one thing JESUS COME I WANT TO SEE YOU,I still remember I would cry and cry at my room so that He will come after many days like that consistently in fasting and praying Jesus finally came and spoke to me,then He said to me where ever you stand I will show up(I cut this part because it’s personally for me).

See sir/ma
I may not have enough words that when I talk you shout ride on sir
I may not have the relhma that will make me sound deep,but one thing I can tell you is that no body ever comes close to me and does not get revived,no one ever visits me and for. Contact fire.

We have a set of people who go about speaking against fathers in faith and at the end of the day gain the hype of unbelievers,gain many followers and they think that’s gospel.
Arrrh we are in a generation of men where the native doctors are feared more than pastors and prophet,
Arrrh we are in a generation of men who deliberately divert little children from doing the right thing to doing the wrong thing telling them to enjoy themselves while they are young.
Arrrh we will all have to apologize to sodom and Gomorrah if Jesus died for us and destroy the city of Sodom just to save us from sin and still yet we refused to accept Jesus into our lives and live totally for him.

arrrh we will all have to apologize to sodom for our negligence!!!
Arrrh Jesus said I am looking for a man who will stand in the gap,Ohw God!!! Is looking for a man who He will bestow great power on but where are they,Where are they!!!.

Where are the Idahosa of our time!!!
Where are the John Jilake of our time!!!
Where are the John Knox of our time!!!
Arrrh where are they
Daddy where are they.
Did our Fathers have two heads!!!
Did our father had two heads.
Apostle Johnson sulieman said in one of his message that normally when He enters flight he prays from beginning till they land,and you especially him to come down from the plane and nothing happens.

PAPA E.A ADEBOYE said he’s busy that before He prays for 36 hours but now He’s very busy so He prays for only 12hours nonstop Arrrh that is a man that is busy that has over 10,000 churches in Nigeria and you only one shop you have 1hour prayers is hard for you and you are expecting to work in the same dimensions with them.kai!!!
Arrrh I am tired of this life as an ordinary Christian.
I want to win souls for God,
Can I ask you sir when Paul of the apostle was preaching He went to unbelievers to preach and they were saved sir why are you running from unbelievers and be preaching to believers Sir the problem is power.
Sir lock yourself inside the room don’t come out ooH
Pray I said pray look here pray until you receive answers.
If you look at the world they are doing the work of their father very well and getting reward!!!

Sir who are you working for.
Oh Lord raise men!!!
Raise men of Fire!!!
See sir were you aware that apostle Ayo babalola prayed in his room at his house till the point When He open his eyes He was at the church He was suppose to minister.

See sir are you aware That Katrim khulma prayed till the point no one could near her because of the heat and energy that was coming from her.
See sir are you also aware of John knox that prayed till the queen of England said I fear only two persons in this life God and John Knox these men were men of prayer.

See sir I know you have given your life to Christ but sir Look at sinners didn’t Jesus died for them,
Didn’t Jesus save them from their sin or are they not destined to be saved!!
For how long will you die as an ordinary Christian!!!
Arrrh for how long will you be dwelling as a shallow Christian how Long,How long.

Arrrh I don’t want to be around them but among them,
Among those people that will carrying fire and make impact in the land
Among those men that won’t sit and look at sinner going to hell.

Lord if you are counting them you won’t count them as my friends you will count me in between them.
A cry for Revival oh Lord,it’s higher time we stop procrastinating and pay the price sinners are dying.they are dying the rapture of the saint will soon be here

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