Nothing gave Elijah joy like when he saw Elisha performing miracles twice than he did.

Elijah did 8 unexplained miracle that his and this generation are yet to recover from, he was the one who shut the sky and went away with the key for 3 and a half years, hmmm

But when Elisha surfaced he did 16 miracle, that everyone stood in awe at the hearing of them, he added another extra to what Elijah did Kai kai

His bones in the grave raised a dead man who mistakenly fell inside his grave, a dead man’s bone raising a dead person….. it’s a mystery

That means if you carry Elisha bones to any general hospital in the world, be rest assured that you will empty their mortuary, because every dead man will be brought back to life.

No wonder when Elijah was about to depart this earth there was a loud cry saying….
“o my father, my father, the chariot of Israel and the horse men thereof”.

How can one man be equated to a chariot and several horse men of a nation combine together.
That means if war broke out in Israel when this men where alive, and it happened that the chariot and horse men of Israel were yet to prepare

Elijah or Elisha could go to the far front (just one man) and defend the land.

No wonder Elijah 102 armies were extinguish,the third set of soldiers cried for mercy, Elijah made a gallant soldier plead for mercy.
Calling fire from heaven was like having a match stick in his pocket, he could light fire anytime he wanted.

Those were their days and their deeds will be encrypted in the heart of men till Eternity, they did not fail there generation, when we read about them we see reason to pursue God, they have clearly told us that God is real, not a scam.

They were able to show us that if you seek God, you will find him.

What legacy would you leave for your generation and the next that will become a testament for them to know there is a certain possibility that lays in God?
How many days do you need to rewrite the story of your life for the next generation? .

The last time I checked, I have realized that it’s only when you are broken (dead to your will) that’s when you become an instrument in the hand of YAWEH.
You are a mighty man but you need to give yourself for the masters use.

If you want to die quick (I.e dead to flesh) , starve the flesh and give the spirit ventilation mixed with prayer and then see the dramatic turn around.

This generation and the next generation is counting on you, think about this.
Give them reason to keep pressing into God.

Can we pray
Lord may I not fail my generation and the next.

Rejuvinate our hunger Lord

We fix our hearts on you

we cry for revival

God Bless You

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