15 Facts About John Alexander Dowie – The Healing General

John Alexander Dowie
John Alexander Dowie

John Alexander Dowie was
Born in the 18th century

Here are some facts about this God’s general:

1) He didn’t attend school regularly because of sickness
Those who are very sick in childhood most times becomes healing evangelist

2) At age 6 he has read the Bible cover to cover
How old are you?

3) At 7 he became born again
You are not a Christian until you officially give your life to Christ.

4) He travelled from Australia to Scotland for 6 months on a boat for Evangelism

5) He became an healing apostle in Australia and the most famous pastor.

6) His friends advised him to contest in government election and he lost the election and became broke
Beware of friends with stupid advise they won’t share the punishment with you

7) He went to America and also became famous
Do not give up because you made a mistake

8) He was arrested 100times in a year for healing sick people through prayers
He took the government to court for his frequent arrest and he won That’s why in America today your can lay hands on someone and not get arrest.

9) Through out the period of his arrest his members stayed with him
Do not speak evil about your pastor or any man of God

10) He owned the largest church in Chicago in the 1800s

11) He left Chicago and went to Illinois to buy a bigger land to build the church new head quarters called city of zion.
Never leave your dreams to start chasing other people’s dream.

12) Because the land was very big they built estate and he became the director and gradually he left preaching and healing.

13) He took advice from no body because he thought he was another Elijah the prophet
Never get to a point in your life when no one can advise you

14) He had stroke, while in the hospital he was removed from office someone else took over,The wife separated from him,the son disowned him….he died in his 60s

15) Before he started making these mistake anybody that opposed his ministry will either die, go to prison or become very poor

15) When he abused Maria etter she layed a curse on him that he will go down with shame

That’s the story Apostle John Alexander Dowie
Any question?

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