I was honored to call T.L. Osborn a close friend, mentor, and confidant’ for well over thirty years. I will endeavor to post/share memories, lessons learned, and experiences on this blog, from our times of ministering together in the nations of the world.

T.L. and I shared the crusade platforms of the world together. I spoke at his crusades and was honored to have him speak at my campaigns. His humility, graciousness, and utter faith in God, was immense. We proclaimed the gospel together in Kenya, Philippines, Honduras, India, Columbia, Thailand, Uganda, Sweden, Belarus, Nigeria, and so many more.

One of the things T.L. so often said: ‘IF YOU CANNOT DEMONSTRATE IT, YOU ARE NOT FIT TO PREACH IT!’
T.L. personified the gospel in action! His total belief and life demonstration showed forth the Gospel.

Mike Fracen Used By God In Healing Infirmities In Liberia
Mike Fracen Used By God In Healing Infirmities In Liberia

The Gospel demonstrated, shows forth God.
The only thing that separates us, as Christians, from all the other ‘religions’ in the world – MIRACLES! There never was a ‘day of miracles’, there only IS a God of miracles.

The key here: ‘The Lord worked WITH them, confirming the Word with signs…’ (Mark 16:20) Know this: – it IS Christ, confirming His Word, with signs and wonders! As a believer – SPEAK His word, lay hands on the sick, cast out devils, DECLARE and decree His sovereign reign. ‘Decree a thing and it WILL be established…’ (Job 22:28)

Herein is the secret of the Gospel… It is the founder of our faith, the Lord of all, HE works with us CONFIRMING HIS WORD with signs and wonders.
Paul the Apostle penned: ‘That I might know Him, and the power of His resurrection…’ Philippians 3:10. Paul boldly proclaimed to the church in Corinth: ‘And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.’ (1 Corinthians 2:4)

T.L. Osborn’s friend, and mentor, was F.F. Bosworth. T.L. shared with me, when we were in India together, something Bosworth shared with him: ‘If I get a hundred people tonight and pray for them, and they all die, tomorrow I will go find me another hundred people to pray for.’

We are to DO and OBEY His Word… if things do not ‘play out’ as you desired/believed, ok. This does not give us an ‘excuse’ to neglect to obey God’s Word. T.L. said: ‘Never adjust your theology to accommodate a tragedy.’ His Word stands forever settled in heaven! As Nike captured the phrase (which I believe was given to us all as believers) JUST DO IT!

What happens ‘if’ they do not receive their healing or miracle? NO – What happens when they DO! Miracles are not what God does – it IS WHO HE IS!

Fear stands before you in a complete obstinate position – challenging the validity of The Word in your life. Human will and intellect stand as no match against this wily one. Vast sums on the ledger of your bank account statements pale in the face of fear. Gargantuan insurance policies affording, and demanding, the best the medical world can summons is a trifling force.

You must confront fear with His Word – after all, Heaven stands behind His promises. Merely facing your fear inevitably brings you into a ‘staring’ contest – a battle you will never win. Satan is the ‘prince of patience’. He waits for a moment of weakness – with bated breath this foe waits for you to ‘blink’.

With His Word – defy fear! Refuse to allow this adversary to set up camp on your watch or in your domain. Fear is real, but has no rights to YOU!
The enemy fears your voice, God knows your heart, and the Word has scripted enormous success that is about unfolding in your life! You can choose to believe this and act accordingly or dismiss any notion of heaven ordained destiny.

Culled from: Mike Fracen.

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