“Let me explain what Righteousness is” -Apostle Arome Osayi

Let me explain what Righteousness is…

If I take my ATM CARD and slot it in, the Machine will identify me by my name. It’ll say ”Arome, welcome.” So the Atm machine deals with me as personalised customer.
If I give the ATM CARD to Rev’d Gideon Odoma and Gideon goes there and slot the card, The machine will still say ”Arome, Welcome ”. The machine is not aware of the fact that it’s Gideon that is using the Card.
There’s only one person that the ATM machine will admit his card, it’s only Arome. But many people can use the card, people that are not Arome.

The Gate to the kingdom of God can only open to Jesus THE CHRIST and none other. Because He is the man, from God’s perspective that was at John’s Baptismal service. He said ”This is my beloved son in whom I am well Pleased ” and your name was not included there. The Gate will always open to Him.
So what God did was that He provided the office of the Christ in your heart. When you stand before God, it’s because of what He sees inside of you that He admits you. Just like the ATM CARD bears my name and accepts my friend, Gideon. So, Christ in you becomes the reason of your acceptance. Not you in yourself, but Christ in you. As long as you have Christ in you, when you stand before God, you’re Right from the perspective of the Justice system of Heaven.

It is this RIGHTNESS that gives you the platform for Prayer. It is this RIGHTNESS that makes you to be able to engage God without inferiority, guilt and condemnation.
And the proof that this RIGHTNESS is in place is that there’s an inner PEACE. PEACE means you’re accepted. Peace means welcome. Peace means you’re free to do transactions in the court of Heaven.
On your own, you are a bag of infirmity. You don’t have the capacity to stand before God. You’ve already been sentenced to eternal condemnation, But JESUS THE CHRIST SHOWED UP FOR YOU. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BOAST AND BRAG ABOUT.

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