Pastor Tunde Bakare was greatly influenced by Lester Sumral. According to him, one day, Dr Sumral was ministering in Russia. He called Pastor Tunde Bakare to stop whatever he was doing and fly to Russia immediately! Though very inconvenient, he arranged and engaged on a very long flight to Russia.

He got there tired, notwithstanding, he rushed to the venue of the meeting and join Dr Sumral and others on the podium. When it’s time for Dr Sumral to preached, he introduced all the ministers on the platform one by one, but deliberately left out Pastor Tunde Bakare.

Pastor Tunde wasn’t happy, ” He asked me to come, I left everything, took all the pains, but he deliberately ignored me as if I’m nobody” He felt bad, but consoled himself. The second day, he came on time, sat where Sumral would have no excuse, as usual, Dr Sumral introduced everyone but left out Pastor Tunde again!
Dr Sumral repeated this for a whole week! He would introduce everyone but would deliberately ignored Pastor Tunde. It was now too much, Pastor Tunde was contemplating returning to Nigeria, he was a sad man throughout! The man did not even greet him at all all through, neither did he acknowledged his loyalty in obeying his order. The last night was no different, the meeting came to an end.

In the night, Dr Sumral called him, “Tunde, come to my room now”, Pastor Tunde rushed there! The man asked ” Why did you refuse to get angry and go back since I ignored you all through? I can’t go back sir, Pastor Tunde responded! You are now qualified for this grace, kneel down! Dr Sumral prayed for him, and there was serious impartation!
More like transfer of mantle! He poured on him so much, and asked God to continue with him! Pastor Tunde Bakare left back to Nigeria, only to be called few days later that Dr Sumral had gone to be with the Lord.
May God help us to pass all the tests of destiny on our way in Jesus name.

Those that will endure NOTHING will get NOTHING.

Written by Daddy Ojo Gbadegesin

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