From today, there are some information you have to keep secret. Learn to zip your mouth, God wants to bless you. For as long as long as Samson kept the secret, he remains a mystery. But when he opened up the secret to a strange woman called Delilah, that was it.
His hair was the covenant of the Spirit of might but he threw away that covenant on the lap of Delilah. And she got up and told the people; Give me my money… And the people came and cut his hair.

A great man, all of a sudden because he could not close his mouth..(Silence can not be misunderstood. You must know when to speak!)
And he got up, and all of a sudden, there was no strength.
Notice what the people did! The moment they found out that they have captured him, they removed his eyes, not his hand. Was it with his eyes with his eyes he destroyed them? Because the eyes is the light of the body.

They look for the source of illumination of his life and pluck it out and he became a Slave. And they stood before him to mock his God.
Some of us have lost a lot of things in our life because of the atmosphere that we have kept.
When Abraham started the journey, he never told the people where he was going. Even Isaac, there where certain part of the information that was kept a secret, it was revealed as they went. While he was going up, Daddy why are you moody? He said; God is faithful, let’s go and they continue. As they got there, he grabbed the guy and placed him on the alter. Son, am about to kill you, if i have told you…..I’m sorry, I have to obey God.

There are some certain people, the best time to tell them a news, is when it has happened, so that they will just join in the celebration. But once you involve them in the process, they don’t have the faith to believe with you, so they will discourage you.

There are four keys to provoke divine intervention. Anytime you need the quick intervention of heaven over a matter, do these four things and your life will change in a way that will surprise you:

It was the prayer of the saints that brought Peter out of prison. Paul and Silas prayed and sang and the chains broke and doors opened.Prayer can open doors and breaks chains. Regardless of what the situation is, please pray especially in the Spirit.
Prayer brings strange intervention.

Zephaniah 3:14-20):
Praise as an instrument of warfare blessing him in advance. Praise can work wonders. Praise him with a dance. You can cry but please still praise. Praise is one of the powerful ways to disgrace the devil. He expects you to be depressed and broken but you disgrace him by praise. You don’t praise God when things are going well, you praise him to make things go well. Ignore the thoughts of disappointment that come to your mind when you praise..Praise God and create your testimony.

Brothers and sisters, Everytime you are in a situation that only God can step in, having prayed, package a seed and speak to it.Give it an instruction and sow it. Do it with revelation and connect your faith on it as a sacrifice to provoke God’s intervention.

4. THE POWER OF PROPHECY(2Kings 7:1-8, Hosea 12:13):
Brothers and sisters, God still has anointed men he uses by the election of grace that he has put ancient possibilities in them. They may not look like it but Your own price is just to believe. When prophecies come, please just believe it.Your marriage will be a blessing when you know what it takes for a man and woman to be together.
If the only thing you take to your marriage is prophecy alone you will be in trouble. You must know how to handle crises..

Prophecies can fail when men do not satisfy the conditions necessary to activate the prophecy.
In the same way, negative prophecies can be adverted. People have had dreams about me having accidents on my trips ..Now they are not fake.. That maybe the plot of the enemy..It will be stupid of me to think Satan is on break for me No. I do something to change it.

What many of us are going through is not Satan attacking you but the inertia of sitting on top of prophecy doing nothing about it.
Take Satan out of the earth and people’s condition will improve only a little.. The poor will not suddenly become rich..there is what to do to become…
Some of us are sitting down waiting for prophecies to happen by themselves..Some of our parents have received prophecies since the 80s, I am showing you now that more than the speakings, their are conditions attached.

So you were told that you will be a powerful man of God like Reinhard Bonke and you just say it’s a confirmation ..it will never happen if you don’t do what Reinhard Bonke did.
Talk about times of prayer, the word, disciplines of hosting the power of God..
The worst is that hands were laid on you and you think because you fell down under the anointing then it means everything will work by itself, you are joking.. you were empowered by that falling. The real Anointing will come when you have walked in obedient to the conditions.The anointing you received when hands were laid on you is the grace to meet the conditions that came with that prophecy.

Whether a prophet is fake or a prophet is real, if you don’t engage prophecies, they will never manifest.
It’s a simple message but it will work wonders in your life.

Know this! God will always look like He will not show up until He shows up!
Be patient. Stay with God. Don’t be ashamed of your scars. Carry your cross with honour. When God is done with you, He will lift you up like a trophy .
My life is a testimony of this. Please wait. Don’t be under pressure.. Wait. You are not wasting your time. You may not have money or food but go through it with honour.
Be patient .A day will come when God will birth a glory in you that will make you wonder.
I pray for you…
May your faith not fail.
Receive grace to continue and be consistent.
Receive grace to pass through the furnace.
May your shame be turned into your glory.
And when it’s time for your season of glory, may it not be delayed by one second in Jesus name.

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